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     Unlike a lot of women I know, I like my changing moods.  My moods can change daily, a couple times in a day or stay put for a while.

     My changing moods allow me to tackle a variety of challenges depending on how I'm feeling.  At times, I'll be in a space to do introspective things.  At other times, I'll be fired up and ready to tackle the most daunting of tasks or challenges.  Moods make me feel alive and allow me to see the world and people in it from different perspectives.

     I discovered a 100% clean line of essential oils which actually work to match the mood I'm in.  The right essences can even invoke a mood you desire.

     SharAmbrosia, is the creator of a new line of personal essence roll-ons called "Essential Moods".

     The "Moods" blends are specific to the essential oils contained in each product, which in turn inspires or underscores these moods.  Currently there are seven "Moods" or roll-on's:

Peaceful - a combination of Patchouli and Clove.  Woodsy and calming. I really liked this one.
Girly - Geranium, Clary Sage and Ylang Ylang - I get what the combination was trying to achieve, but this wasn't one of my favorites.
Tranquil - Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Marjoram and Vetivert.  Now this combination was one of my favorites.  Again a woodsy outdoors feeling and sense of peace emerged when wearing this.
Confident - Basil, Marjoram, Grapefruit, Ylang Ylang and Lavender - Really loved this one.  The grapefruit gave it a lift and the lavender boosted feelings of well being.
Romantic - Cedarwood, Ylang Ylang, Cinnamon and Rose infused Jojoba oil- I'm no fan of cinnamon and the rose combined with Cedarwood was too strong, not a favorite of mine.
Centered - Bergamot, Rosemary, Nutmeg and Vetivert- Really enjoyed wearing this one.  Of all the oils, this is the one people stopped me to ask "what are you wearing?"
Fresh - Lemon, Cypress, Peppermint and Black Pepper - I adore lemon in anything.  This was nice, but would have preferred it without the peppermint.

     The Essential Moods roll on's are used like perfume.  I found the scent didn't last too long.  The handy size and application made it easy to carry with me and re-apply when I needed a boost.  The base of the products is 100% pure jojoba oil, so similar to the body's own natural oil - it slips on and becomes part of your personal essence immediately.

     I tried these for a few days and then gave a few to a variety of people who I thought would also like to try them.  The universal response was extremely positive and most important was the fact that all of these women appreciated putting something on their skin with no chemical, no preservative - nothing to inhibit the pure essential oil blends from mixing with the body's natural oils and creating a truly unique and wearable scent.

     Thank you Sharon for creating yet another product women can feel good about using.

Deira Gerritsen


Here's what SharAmbrosia has to say ~

Essential Moods® Personal Essence Roll-Ons -

     An essential part of being alive is having feelings that we refer to as "moods". Our Essential Moods line of products are based on the very essence of these changing moods. How we'd like to feel, can be brought to life by the use of aromatherapy. Our Essential Moods blends are specific to the essential oils contained in each product, which inspires these moods. We've started off with our basic seven, but there are so many more to look forward to.

     Our Personal Essence Roll-Ons are made of 100% pure and natural essential oils, jojoba, and floral-infused jojoba oil. One of the differences between a true 100% all-natural essential oil blend and a synthetic perfume, is that the pure essential oils are more volatile, and the scent won't last as long as their un-natural counterparts.  Our easy-to-use roll-on applicator is the perfect solution for refreshing the scent throughout the day or night.  Enjoy your scent, and enjoy your moods... the all-natural way!

Peaceful... Inspired by the sixties, a time when free thinking, bare feet, and love beads ruled. Patchouli and Cloves were the scents of choice, and could be smelled at any coffee house or festival. Let "peaceful" take you back to the sixties, even if you were never there before.

Girly...Part of being female, is our right to have our feminine, or "girly" moods. This can mean "that time of month", or right before, and it can also relate to the mood of just feeling those hormones that tell us, we're not a male. We've adapted known hormone balancing essential oils into this mood to bring you back to your girly self, that most beautiful part of you.

Tranquil...What a wonderful feeling to be relaxed and mellow. Whether it's time for sleep, or time to slow down and unwind, you'll love the soft delicate scent of our "tranquil" mood. Feels like floating on feathers.

Confident...Will you be taking a test, asking the boss for a raise, or taking a stand for something important? This is the mood that will help you feel alive and on top of your game. Be strong, and be confident.

Romantic...Oooh la la, this one's gorgeous. We've added essential oils known for their aphrodisiac properties to this blend that will fill you up with feelings of love and desire. We wish you a dreamy, romantic experience.

Centered...Think of going within yourself and feeling mellow and safe. That's the feeling of being "centered". This would be an excellent choice for meditation, yoga, or at a time when you feel a bit scattered.

Fresh...Think of the vibrant, fresh smell of a lemon and you're half way to feeling a fresh mood. Need a pick-me-up after a long day? Don't reach for a cup of coffee, take a bath with our "fresh" mood bath salts. Don't have time for a bath? Apply our Personal Essence roll-on in our "fresh" mood. You can thank us later.

Ingredients:100% natural essential oils, pure jojoba oil, and infused jojoba oil.  (See above review for complete list of these oils)

Net weight: .35 oz frosted green glass bottle with roll-on tip applicator

Price:$18.00 each

(Price does not include Shipping & Handling)



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