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     We all wear a mask to some degree.  Throughout our day we go from mom to friend, to business partner, to... well, you get it.  Some might call them the various duties that we have, or the hats that we wear.  But if you think of it like a mask, it's something that can be used for hiding stress, negative feelings, or anything else that we don't want to necessarily show to the world.

     There are certain times however, when the mask gets to come off.  One of those times is when we allow ourselves to fully relax into a blissful tub of warm toasty water.  Once there, we take a nice deep breath and let go.  Luxuriating in the tub is one of the essential joys of life.  What can make it even better is when you have nourishing beauty products around you to take advantage of once you arrive in your sacred spot.  The right scent is everything.  Also, products that make you feel good, clean, smooth, and refreshed are at the top of the list for a complete blissful experience.

     Soap... it sounds like something that everyone has, right?  But do you have the 'right' soap for an all-out luxurious event like a blissful bath?  I have the hot tip of the day for you... WoodSprite Body Naturals soap!  These soaps are refined and elegant.  Many all-natural soaps are, well... natural.  Meaning that they have a rough edge about them when it comes to appearance and sometimes even scent.  I have absolutely nothing against these types of soaps, they are actually wonderful too.  But sometimes you want a soap that makes you feel more like a princess, than a peasant.  This is the time to bring out the WoodSprites!

     The scents are so lovely.  You could just set them in a cabinet, and their scent will explode when you open the door.  But again, the scent is very pure and rich, not too earthy.  The lather is very creamy, which is nice.  And what's more, my skin feels smooth and soft whenever I use it.  That's enough for me to know that this is a superior soap, made by a company that really makes a great product.  I will continue to use and enjoy this soap, for a rich bathing experience.



Here's what WoodSprite Natural Body has to say ~

Olive Oil Soap -

WoodSprite's line of Premium Organic Soaps are artfully handmade in small batches using a base of organic olive oil, organic coconut and organic palm oil using the time-honored "cold kettle" method. We utilize whole or organic herbs, aromatherapy grade pure essential oils and exotic nut and fruit oils such as organic sunflower, organic sweet almond, kukui, apricot kernel and grapeseed or rich, nourishing butters such as organic shea, mango, organic cocoa and kokum, which add vital moisturizing properties to the characteristically creamy, luxurious lather of our organic soaps. WoodSprite organic soaps are unsurpassed for purity, quality and performance. Naturally glycerin-rich, our organic herbal soaps gently cleanse the skin without stripping it of its essential natural oils, leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and utterly pampered! We use only pure, natural essential oils to scent our soaps and organic herbs or naturally-occurring clays to color them. You will find absolutely NO artificial fragrances, colorants or preservatives in WoodSprite Natural Soaps. In fact, we use no synthetics or chemicals of any kind and have never used parabens or pthalates in any of our products.

  • Here's an example of the Dead Sea Mud Soap...

  • Dead Sea Mud Soap  - 4 oz. Body Bar
    Weight: 0.35 lbs
    List Price: 

    Bring the spa home with our fabulous Dead Sea Mud organic soap! Gentle enough for the face or the body, this rich, cleansing soap will leave your skin feeling soft, silky and totally pampered. Dead Sea Mud's rich mineral content helps to detoxify and deeply cleanse the pores, refining the skin to an exquisite finish.
    Refreshing earthy scent with a tingly hint of citrus and mint. This is already one of our best selling organic soaps!
    Ingredients: Saponified Oils of Organic Extra Virgin Olive, Organic Coconut, Organic Palm and Organic Sunflower; Organic Shea Butter, Dead Sea Mud, Dead Sea Salt, Pure Essential Oils of Patchouli, Mandarin, Spearmint and Bergamot.



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