Wild Plum Flower Hydrosol

From Wild Crops

Delicious and fragrant. Makes the soul dance.

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     What does freshness smell like?  Ask ten people andyou'll get 10 different answers.  Many will use various flowers to sum up the term though, and I would probably join them in that sentiment.  So we can go further to say that if we wanted to make our house smell fresh, or our face, we would add the scent of flowers.  And wouldn't it be great if it came in a bottle, and could be sprayed whenever we want, oh and of course it would be all-natural?  Sounds like almost too much to ask for, but it's not.  I've found a most delectable product that fills the bill here... 'Wild Plum Flower Hydrosol'!

     Wild Plum Flower is not new.  It's been enjoyed by Southerners for a very long time.  It's a smell that means spring is springing.  But to be able to purchase this gorgeous flower in it's natural scent in a bottle is!  Hydrosols are pure plant matter that have been carefully distilled in clean fresh water.  There is not a synthetic chemical around!  So when you spritz with this, you're getting the actual molecules of the Wild Plum Flowers themselves that have been sitting there just waiting to release their divine fragrance into your nose.  And besides just smelling clean and fresh, it actually makes the skin feel soft and supple.

     Wild Crops has created this product with love and devotion.  But this love and devotion to nature doesn't stop there. They are based in the Ozarks, and have a passion for preserving the eco-system that claims many unique varieties of herbs and flowers. Penny and George Frazier are bringing local farmers together to utilize the Wild Plum Flower as well as other species for hydrosols, essential oils and other herbal delights.  What they are doing is a gift for those of us that enjoy using all-natural products, as well as for our earth.  I'm sure that I don't need to point out to manufacturers what a treasure these hydrosols are for making a more exquisite product.

     I hope that you go for a visit to the site to see all that they are doing.  Once you purchase this or any other of their beautiful hydrosols,  you too can wake up to the scent of freshness, made in the south, with love.  You'll also know that you are investing in preserving the treasure trove of species found in the Ozarks.



Here's what Wild Crops has to say ~

Wild Plum Flower Hydrosol -

      "THE ESSENCE OF THE OZARK SPRING!!! I wait all winter for the wild plum flower harvest. It is the most beautiful fragrance of all the flower products we offer. The 2 oz bottle is perfect for your, desk, car or purse. Use for refreshing your spirits and your body in the middle of the day. Spray about your head and shoulders, or places that might need a quick freshing. You will see that wild plum is becoming a very popular item in skin tonics and prepartions. This is PURE wild plum flower, with each plum flower hand harvested. Check out the pictures of this distillation and harvest on our site."


Ingredients: Wild Plum Flower, Distilled Water.

Price: $14.95 plus s & h

Size 2oz. Spray Bottle



Visit Wild Crops' website, where you'll find great products and wonderful information... from people who care.



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