Gentle Karma by Simon Lovelock

From MG Music

An uplifting and relaxing CD for the spa therapy room or home enjoyment

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  Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty 


     Finding the right music for the treatment room has been both my pain and pleasure for the past twenty six years.  I say this because it is something that I have always taken quite seriously.  And it is because I have taken it so seriously that it has tormented me so.  When I began giving facials, there were few estheticians that gave 'environment' much thought at all. Basically, the idea was to be perceived as sterile and professional, and that's where it ended.  My philosophy was to make the treatment room as much of a vortex to another place as possible. I did this by adding subconscious elements  to facilitate the clients' subconscious desire to 'leave the planet for awhile'. The true beauty was that the amount of time was still the same, the benefits of the facial were the same (perhaps even better because of the relaxation of facial muscles), and the environment was still sterile, and the treatment, professional.

     Back in the 'old days' of treatments, I had to look high and low for the right music and sounds. There were all-nature tapes (remember, kids, we didn't even have CD's yet) and slow music. New age hadn't even made the scene yet.  But as it did, the choices began to open up as well.  I can't tell you how many tapes I couldn't use after listening to them once and discovering some drum solo or an up-tempo part that you'd never think was coming by the picture of the feather on the still lake on the cover. Creating a safe atmosphere through the music gives the client a sense of trust in the treatment and the therapist. Things have improved with the ability to 'hear before you buy'. But in my opinion, the choices in music is still not to the level that it could be. That's why when I hear a CD like Simon Lovelock's 'Gentle Karma', I feel like I've died and went to heaven!

     From start to finish, it doesn't let you down.  It takes you and your client (and anyone that just wants to relax) on a beautiful trip.  The sounds go from gentle and sweet to bold and uplifting, and then back down again, all without ever demanding your attention.  There are Oriental influences as well as Middle Eastern, that make for a rich and exotic ride.  At times there is a subtle groove that makes your spirit soar.  I swear, there's one part that always makes me feel like Cleopatra floating down the Nile on her barge.  I like that visual when I'm getting a treatment, don't you?  This is a good one, gang. You are going to Love it!

Here's what MG Music has to say ~

Gentle Karma
by Simon Lovelock-

    Perfect for anyone who wishes or needs to retreat from the stress of life for a while. This album brings stillness and inner peace.

     Created with absolute care the music generates a quiet ambience, a space for the mind to be still. Filled with a host of eastern instruments from Tibetan bowls to belltrees, flutes from India, stringed sounds from Asia and China, the music is never overpowering or too ethnic for western ears.

     It is simply perfect for massage, healing, Reiki, meditation, Tai Chi, a whole host of hobbies, past times, and spiritual activity.

Highly recommended


Price: £8.99 (UK) / $15.00 (US) (through MG Music)



MG Music
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 Comment from someone that purchased this CD:
      It is a beautiful CD for a spa and massage therapy setting, the music allows you to let go and truly unwind as you effortlessly lose touch with the outside world, a most delicious feeling.  It is also pleasing to hear in an office with a relaxed atmosphere, it is not distracting as it softly plays in the background; the range is nice and consistent so you can focus and think clearly. - Pennie Mills



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