Hand to Heel Soothing Salve

From Farmaesthetics

Excellent for rough, dry hands and feet

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Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty


     Every now and then I get so busy, that days can turn into weeks before I notice some things that I used to be aware of immediately.  Okay, let me get to the point.... MY FEET!  It's time to admit that I have had my tootsies tucked into boots all winter, and it wasn't too long ago that one day I was in bed and realized that the bottoms of my feet were like sand paper!  I couldn't believe it, how could I let them get so bad?!  Was it because I was getting older?  Was it because I was back to my old ways of gardening in bare feet?  Or was it simply that other things have mattered more to me in the past few (gulp) months that I haven't taken the time to treat my feet the way they deserve to be treated?  I guess that the answer is sadly... all of the above.

     I was determined to do something about it, but  hey, where was my professional foot buffing utensil?  I couldn't even find it, another sure sign of neglect.  Okay, so what do I do next?  I went to my special personal care cupboard and pushed various jars and bottles aside in search of the perfect 'fix' for my sand paper feet problem.  I reached in the back and alas a silver jar emerged in my hand. It was Farmaesthetics' 'Hand to Heel Softening Salve'.  "Wow, what an awesome time to try this!" I thought.  The first time that I tried it, my skin was already smooth.  I remember enjoying the texture and scent very much, but the true need for it was not there at that time.  But I sure needed it now!

     Seeing as I didn't have my pedicure buffer on hand, I took a nice long bath to soften the built up skin on the bottoms of my feet.  Near the end of my bath, while still in the tub, I took a wash cloth that I'd rolled up on the diagonal and sloughed dead skin by using back and forth motions (picture someone buffing their shoes with a rag).  This helped remove some dead skin and get the process rolling.

     The next step was to sit down comfortably in a chair and slather the rich balm into my neglected pups.  I can't even begin to tell you how good it felt.  I sat with my feet up on a towel for the next 20 minutes or so, until I finally wiped off the excess.  The results were past amazing!  My skin totally soaked up the nourishing balm and my feet were now baby soft and smooth. This treatment constitutes a total 'Foot Makeover'!  The side benefit is that it smells so divine with it's Lavender and Mint essential oils.  It's really a gorgeous product.  Even though I was not happy that my feet went neglected for so long, this was truly a great experiment to see just how well this product really works.  This is such a great season for this product.  If you're like me, you are out gardening, cleaning, and using your hands and feet to the fullest.  Next time you want to soften your dry hands or feet, you'll want to have 'Hand to Heel Softening Salve' on hand (and feet, ha ha). Enjoy!



Here's what Farmaesthetics®has to say ~

Hand to Heal Softening Salve -

    After many years of experimentation & a lot of research, I came up with what I think is the simplest, yet most effective healing, protective salve for combating the effects of the 4 unavoidable S-es: Sun, Smoke, Sugar & Stress. My calendula based Hand to Heel Softening Salve comes with a file of testimonials, from chefs to dancers, to America’s Cup sailors, to my own little girl. There are few of nature’s ingredients as potent as the combination of calendula & beeswax. It protects & heals the effects of work, wear & tear, exposure to the elements, wounds & burns (even those produced by laser surgery), bruises & eczema (including childhood & nervous onset). Calendula is a heady resinous marigold flower, containing potent active healing constituents. Plus nature’s most unique compound, beeswax, which “science” in all its glory has yet to synthesize in its lab. Beeswax provides germ killing, protective barriers that lock in moisture. Lavender is added for its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory agents, as well as soothing scent & settling effect on the skin and nervous system. Peppermint & Beta Carotene add additional building blocks for tissue rejuvenation.

All Farmaesthetics products are 100% natural & contain certified organic ingredients as indicated

Sweet almond oil*, calendula*, beeswax*, lavender* & mint* essential oils, carrot oil* & vitamin e (certified organic ingredients* )

• Diaper salve for baby rashes
• Softens rough, dry elbows, knees & heels
• Cuticle & nail- bed treatment
• Callus softener
• Useful on diabetic skin conditions such as cracked hardened heels.
• We have much feedback that it actually relieves and helps eczema (on infants as well).
• Softens dry, flaking “cradle cap” in infants.

Ingredients: Sweet almond oil*, calendula*, beeswax*, lavender* & mint* essential oils, carrot oil* & vitamin e (certified organic ingredients* )

Price: $22.50

Size: 4 oz



Make sure to visit Farmaesthetics.com



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