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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty    

     Looking for an all-natural moisturizer that makes your skin feel 'baby soft'?  I've found a combination of two products that will do this and more!  Rosa y Fruta makes a Shea Butter moisturizer that is rich and smooth, called Crema de Africa.  Its light and creamy, and 100 percent East African Shea Butter!  This is great for every skin type because of its gentleness.  It can even be used on babies!  Plus, it can be used on any part of the body, from head to toe. We've been hearing about this company, and its owner/formulator, Elizabeth, for quite some time now at our anb Forum.  I am so happy to say that after trying these products, I realized for myself that all of the raves were justified!

     If you are like me and (ehem...) over thirty, and want a little more moisture, you'll enjoy adding a few drops of Fruta de Pasión (Pomegranate Serum) beforehand. This is actually 100% Pomegranate Oil.  So it's also 100% all-natural.  What I do is spritz my face with a hydrosol first to make the application easier. I then use the wand in the bottle to drop 3-5 drops into my hand and then evenly distribute it into the skin of my face, neck and chest area.

     These two products together work miraculously to make the skin moist, plump and soft.  But more than that, they include all of the vitamins and minerals that 100% natural ingredients provide, plus the added benefits of antioxidants.  This is what I call 'pro-active' skincare, and I would highly recommend these to anyone and everyone. This is all-natural beauty care at it's best!


And P.S. -Elizabeth was kind enough to let me try some goodies from her new line which is set to come out mid-summer.  All I can say is... prepare to be amazed!  As Elizabeth says, some of the names of the ingredients sound scary (and she is right!).  But her explanation is quite credible.  She has been working diligently with a cosmetic chemist in finding ways to make organic ingredients even more beneficial to the skin.  This has brought her line of products to an even higher level of effectiveness (sophistication, if you will).  Does this mean that these new products are what we refer to as 'all-natural'?  In a word 'no', only because the ingredients can not be manufactured in one's kitchen.  But they do conform to the Eco-cert guidelines, which are very strict.  Between 100% natural, and 100% synthetic, there is a huge gray area.  These new products are way closer to the natural side.  As Elizabeth says, "To really cater to the skin, one must extract and derive plant materials that work synergistically and/or replenish that which our skin needs".  I promise, you will hear more about these products!


Here's what Rosa y Fruta has to say ~

Fruta de Pasión (Pomegranate Serum) -

Pomegranate- the fruit of passion! Facial night serum

POMEGRANATE: the fruit of passion! Pomegranate oil has exceptionally high amounts of antioxidants, increases procollagen synthesis, and protects and repairs from UV radiation. Promising research suggests that pomegranate extract has anti-skin cancer properties when applied topically. Rosa y Fruta's offers a very special certified organic supercritically extracted pomegranate oil- this is hands down the most amazing pomegranate extract I know of (and I've looked into all that is being offered with passion). High end companies are using this extraordinary extract at 1% in their creams and charging over $150 a 30ml jar (with the addition of a slough of unwanted chemicals). This serum contains 100% of pure pomegranate extract at a fraction of the cost with no unwanted stabilizers and chemicals.

IMPORTANT NOTE: supercritically extracted pomegranate oil has a very unique scent. Interestingly, like the durian fruit, another "forbidden" fruit, some people find the scent wonderfully fragrant while others think it down right stinks! It seems to react to peoples skin chemistry differently...interesting. If you find the scent too odd for you, simply dilute it with some Camellia oil. You put it on at night anyway :)

Some Studies on Pomegranate:

"pomegranate fractions promote proliferation and procollagen synthesis...."Aslam MN, Lansky EP, Varani J. J Ethnopharmacol 2006 Feb;103(3):311-8. In this study they showed how pomegranate seed oil promotes regeneration of epidermis:


Shake bottle well. massage a few drops to clean face, around eyes, decollete, and hands.

Ingredients: 100% certified organic supercritically extracted Pomegranate seed nectar.  

Price: Retail price $89, your price, $52.00

Size: 15 ml. amber glass with wand


Crema de Africa (Shea Body Butter) -
Nourishing Africa Nilotica Shea Body Butter for Dry Sensitive Skin

100% Fair Trade Organic Certified!

This pure East African butter is rare and very different from the well known West African butter- softer, subtler in scent in its unrefined state, best suited for ultra sensitive skin, and more moisturizing. For the past two years the Nilotica harvest has been too soft- almost like a liquid, making it impossible to use it as a cream base. However, this years harvest is exquisite, and I am so glad to be able to offer you this butter once again.

Great for sensitive skin and babies. Use from head to toe! A little goes a long way!

Ingredients: 100% Fair Trade Organic Certified cold-crushed natural unrefined Nilotica Shea Butter.

Price: $21.00

Size: 1.8 oz. clear glass jar



Make sure to visit RosayFruta.com


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