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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     There are few products that I would include in the realm of 'magic'.  But the product spotlighted here is one such product.  In fact, if I was to put a label on Evan's Garden's Ma Jeunesse Skin Cream (affectionately known as 'Ma J' at our all natural beauty forum), it would be 'magic skin softener'.  This daily moisturizer is hand made with attention and care by Evan herself.  The texture of the cream is not refined, but more food-like, which to me usually means that it is hand, rather than machine made.  I apply it to my skin after cleansing, and after a short time, my skin feels baby's bottom soft.  The texture becomes better and better as it works its magic on my skin. It never fails, later in the day I will touch my skin and be in awe of the results.

     Evan has carefully chosen the ingredients that will perform miracles.  There are ingredients in this cream that would not fall into our strict 'all-natural' category, only because they cannot be whipped up in your kitchen.  But they are in this product because they bring results that matter to those looking for anti-aging benefits and skin texture improvement.  If you compare the ingredients to those found in most store-bought moisturizers, there's no comparison.  You will see that this one is far away the better choice when it comes to purity.  Evan is a master formulator, and she certainly knows how to get results with this magnificent moisturizer.

     If you need any more recommendations on this product, just take a look at all of the positive comments that have been made about it at our forum, it continues to get raves.  Or better yet, just visit this page and check out the testimonials!  If you are looking for quick results, that are in the realm of magic, you're going to love this product.


Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~


Ma Jeunesse Skin Cream:Ma Jeunesse means "my youth" in French and is one of our most appreciated products at Evan's Garden.  Being no "spring chicken" myself, I made it to work. :o)  We've found that Ma Jeunesse is appropriate for people who are relatively younger but wish to keep their skin in a youthful, optimum state as well as for those with definitely aging skin.  Ma Jeunesse is a gourmet recipe — takes me a good day to make it and it's such fun! — made of beautiful ingredients: organic oils, herbs, hydrosols, whole seeds and nuts plus anti-oxidants.  Many have described it as a banquet of fresh foods or a salad for the face, no kidding.
Ingredients:alfalfa powder, almonds, aloe vera gel, apple cider vinegar, apricot kernel oil, avocado oil, barley grass powder, black currant seed oil, bladderwrack powder, borage seed oil, callophyllum inophyllum oil, cilantro herb powder, Co-enzyme Q-10, comfrey root, cornflower hydrosol, cucumber hydrosol, dandelion leaf powder, dandelion root powder, DMAE (amino acid), dried wild hijiki powder, dulse leaf powder, emulsifying wax, Ester-C© Topical Concentrate, evening primrose oil, flower blend (including powders of lavender, chamomile, calendula flowers, Swedish Flower Pollen Extract), fragrance (pure essential oils), geranium hydrosol, German chamomile hydrosol, citrus seed extract, hemp oil, Idebenone (anti-oxidant), kelp powder, lavender hydrosol, lipoic acid, liquid trace mineral complex, macadamia nut oil, mixed tocopherols (vitamin E), mixed tocotrienols (high-potency vitamin E), mountain spring water, neem oil, neroli hydrosol, oat tops powder, olive oil, palm stearic, powdered pumpkin seeds, Roman chamomile hydrosol, rose hip seed oil, rose hydrosol, rosemary extract, rosemary hydrosol, sesame oil, shea butter, sunflower seeds, sweet almond oil, tapioca starch, white camellia oil

Directions:Apply once or twice daily. Works very well in concert with Creme Rose cream and As Young As I Feel serum.

Sizes & Prices:.5 oz. - $ 34.95 / 1.5 oz. - $ 79.95 / 3.75 oz. - $185.95



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