Ambrosia de Rosa

Ambrosia de Rosa

From Rosa y Fruta

Nectar of the Goddesses

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty 


     Ambrosia... 'nectar of the Gods'.  What a perfect name for such a beautiful product as Ambrosia de Rosa.  This is another gorgeous formulation of Elizabeth at Rosa y Fruta.  As mentioned in her Personality Spotlight for this month, she formulates with love, and this product is a shining example of what that means. Made with a rare Indian Rose Bourbonia extract, Pomegranate nectar, and White Camellia oil, this 'facial beauty luster' (as Elizabeth calls it) is truly exquisite.  Each drop feels like a precious gift fit for a Goddess.  It's beauty is twofold.  The scent takes you away to a faraway place of exotic fantasy, while it enhances your skin's suppleness on a cellular level.

     This is a product that you won't use every day.  In fact, the directions encourage you to use it only every few days.  Skin care aside, this product is more like champagne. Would you drink champagne every day?  It would no longer be special if you did.  Using this product will enhance your skin, your mood, and your love of all-natural beauty care.  This is what all-natural beauty care is all about.  This is the champagne of organic beauty at its finest.  When you go to purchase your Valentine's Day bottle of champagne, I encourage you to also get online and purchase another fine bottle... a bottle of Ambrosia de Rosa.


Here's what Rosa y Fruta has to say ~


Ambrosia de Rosa (Oil of Rose): Loving Rose Facial Beauty Luster & Higher Heart Chakra Nectar - 100% certified organic and harmonically grown

The Ambrosia de Rosa is an exquisite and divinely fragrant infusion of rare hydro-distilled Indian Rose Bourbonia extract- a symbol of beauty; the finest certified organic supercritically extracted Mediterranean Pomegranate nectar- the fruit of passion; and the most precious certified organic cold-pressed unrefined White Camellia oil- the essence of innocence. Beauty + Passion + Innocence all in perfect balance = Love! Within beauty there is earthly and divine inspiration, in passion bursts forth enthusiasm and the soul’s calling, and in innocence we embrace nurturing, compassion, and surrendering peace. All these are expressions of authenticity and in balance we feel it as love and extend this love to the world.

The Ambrosia de Rosa is a physically beautifying and lovingly intelligent elixir! When applied to the higher heart chakra (between the heart and throat charkas) it assists in releasing fear and increasing the frequency of higher love in and all around, to inspire, nourish, and fill us with peace and joy. Applied to the face three times a week, the Ambrosia de Rosa enhances the skin's radiance, luster, collagen synthesis, and ability to keep free radicals at bay. It imparts the radiate look of being in love (with your lover, your friend, life, all that is good and precious on this earth...and of loving those we may find it initially challenging to do so). The Ambrosia de Rosa is also a loving massage oil to nourish ourselves and be shared with those we love and cherish.

ROSE BOURBONIA: the rose is a symbol of beauty. Beauty brings us closer
to the transcendental reminding us of our own divinity. The rose’s
alluring fragrance and bloom have been the inspiration of poetry and
mythology, from the ancient Greeks to modern day. Rose oil is rich in
antioxidants and has a soothing, toning, and beautifying effect on the
skin. Rose oil has the highest vibration of all essential oils and is
considered the heart oil, increasing ones sense of well being and joy.
Rose oil is considered an aphrodisiac and sexually balancing to both
men and women. Most rose oils are steam-distilled (otto) or solvent
extracted (absolute), while the rose found in the AmoRosa serum is a
very rare and special hydro-distilled Indian Rose Bourbonia extract
made in silica crystal quartz glass using the purest natural spring
water from a deep volcanic spring in the sacred Iao Valley on Maui!
This extract is much more gentle on the skin then even the gentlest of
rose essential oil, and can be used on the skin nightly.

POMEGRANATE: the fruit of passion! Pomegranate oil has exceptionally
high amounts of antioxidants, increases procollagen synthesis, and
protects and repairs from UV radiation. Promising research suggests
that pomegranate extract has anti-skin cancer properties when applied
topically. Rosa y Fruta's offers a very special certified organic
supercritically extracted pomegranate oil- this is hands down the most
amazing pomegranate extract I know of (and I've looked into all that is
being offered with passion).

Some Studies on Pomegranate:

"pomegranate fractions promote proliferation and procollagen synthesis...."Aslam MN, Lansky EP, Varani J. J Ethnopharmacol 2006 Feb;103(3):311-8. In this study they showed how pomegranate seed oil promotes regeneration of epidermis:

Uv Protection:

WHITE CAMELLIA: white camellia is the essence of purity. It is known as the beautification oil in Asia, and was traditionally used by Geisha's to keep there skin flawless and their hair lustrous and healthy. Rosa y Fruta's White Camellia oil, is a precious cold-pressed certified organic unrefined oil containing exeptionally high levels of beautifying antioxidants that help prevent free radical formation; soothing properties to help calm sensitive skin; nutrients to nourish devitalized skin; and emollients to create a healthy dew-like complexion. White Camellia oil is one of the rare ingredients that is wonderful for all skin types, including mature, ultra sensitive, oily, combination, and acne prone. Rosa y Fruta was the first company to import certified organic cold-pressed white camellia oil into the United States. This original oil was exquisite but lightly naturally refined. To bring the most nutrients to the skin, an unrefined oil was needed. However certified organic cold-pressed unrefined white camellia oil did not exists. Rosa y Fruta was the first company to bring into action, source, and contract certified organic cold-pressed unrefined White Camellia oil and import it into the United States.

Rosa y Fruta's Camellia Oil was included in the celebrity gift baskets for the VH1 2006 Big Awards: the Bachelorettes gift baskets for ABC's The Bachelor:

...and included in the NFL wives silent charity auction.
Ingredients:certified organic cold pressed White Camellia oil, certified organic supercritically extracted Pomegranate nectar, and harmonically grown and certified organically hydro-distilled Rose Bourbonia extract.

Directions:Shake bottle. Gently massage 1-5 drops on freshly washed face three times a week, as well as on higher heart chakra area (between heart and throat chakra).

Sizes & Prices:30 ml Miron violet glass bottle, $95.00



Please make sure to visit:
Rosa y Fruta



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