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One client's experience - from Sharon

"As the director of a site that offers all-natural products and services from around the world, it's not often that I find an organic spa or salon in my surrounding area that I can actually visit. In fact, it's never happened before. This is especially true because I basically live out in the sticks, tucked into the beautiful rural Pennsylvania countryside. But boy was I pleasantly surprised recently when I found Robyn Atticks of Shear Miracles! It just so happens that she is only about 40 minutes away, right in the heart of Lancaster County, PA. When I visited her website and saw her gorgeous line of all-natural beauty products I was absolutely thrilled! I felt her passion immediately for what she calls the 'Organic Revolution'! I knew that I just had to meet her. More so, after talking to her about the color services that she provided at her organic salon, I knew that I wanted to receive her services too!

I made my appointment and visited her for one of the most enjoyable times I've ever spent at a hair salon. Her place was neat and clean, relaxing and fun, and the most sensational part was that it smelled DIVINE! The reason was not because of the nebulizer that was emitting the lovely essential oil scents (although it was a fabulous touch). The reason was because every product that she used on every one of her clients was non-toxic and completely safe! Even the coloring products, which normally make one gasp, smelled simply great!

Of course we all know that the 'finished product' is the reason we all go to the hair dresser. Robyn's expertise in all areas was beyond expectations. But if anyone ever had any questions about whether a non-toxic hair coloring process could look as good as the toxic ones, all I can say is Hallelujah, yes it can!!!!! Robyn actually did two processes, she basically did a complete makeover on my hair. First she colored the whole head with a warm, rich brown. Then after an exquisite cut, she went in and added natural-looking highlights. I do want to point out that she was not dealing with an easy head of hair to work with. I had plenty of grey to cover, as well as many weird shades that have come about through (if I may be so bold, yet not name names) bad salon services.

Robyn and her amazing products completely rose to the occasion. I can't say enough about how amazed I am by how good my hair looks and feels. It's been several days now since my appointment and my hair is still wonderful! I am using Robyn's Shear Miracles shampoo, conditioner, and mousse (which I am sure you will hear more about in an upcoming Product Spotlight). The cut is to die for! And the condition of the hair is soft and lovely. As Robyn says, with the hair coloring product that she uses, she doesn't blow open the hair shaft, as usual coloring products do. This makes complete sense as to why the hair feels so much better. Robyn is truly on to something here! The great part is that she is anxious to show others this coloring process. She is a rep for the line, and will be happy to come to your salon or spa and show the hair stylists there how to achieve the same great results. Whether you are a salon professional, or a client, I highly recommend getting this kind of natural coloring process into the salon where you are. Robyn's information is found below, make sure to contact her soon so that you can experience the same wonderful treatment that I did!

To hear about my wonderful experience in its entirety, please make sure to check out my blog at:

A word from owner, Robyn Atticks


My name is Robyn Atticks & I have been a professional hairstylist for over 16 years now. Growing up in the beauty industry, I have learned so much about the art of loving & caring for people from my mother, professional hairstylist of over 34 years, Dianne Shaub. She has been my inspiration & I could not have done this without her. We now work as a team in educating salons, spas & clients on the organic revolution that we are offering to the beauty industry.

Why do we need this organic revolution you may ask? According to the dictionary, revolution refers to “a sudden or momentous change in a situation”. This is exactly what I believe the beauty industry needs today. Why should women risk using toxic chemicals to enhance their beauty? Do any women want to risk such problems as cancer, lung problems, depression, weakened immune systems, just to name a few, so they can use hair, skin or body care products or color their hair? NO!

There is another option for women. The mission of Shear Miracles Organic Salon & Products is to spread health & awareness to women (& men) everywhere about this alternative; to revolutionize the beauty industry with an organic line of products that are both beneficial and affordable to consumers everywhere, while serving as an education ambassador on the harmful effects of typical ingredients found in everyday beauty products. Our goal is to assist salon & spa owners everywhere to only use non-toxic means to enhance their customer’s beauty. We pride ourselves on offering a healthy salon-quality line with ingredients so pure you can actually eat them!

I became a label-reader. I learned that what the front of the product claimed was, almost all of the time, not what the product actually was on the inside. I learned the importance of reading the actual ingredients. After searching the globe, I became discouraged. It seemed impossible to find salon & spa quality products that were truly 100% all natural & organic. I soon realized that this was what the beauty industry needed! Shear Miracles Organic Hair, Skin & Body Care was born.

Opening the first organic salon in my area, Shear Miracles Organic Salon & Products were the talk of the town. Salon owners began contacting me & asking to use & sell my products in their salons! That is when my dream to change the beauty industry grew. I realized that I could reach women all over the world rather than simply in my own community. Now used in salons & spas across the nation, our line offers a wide variety of skin & hair protecting and enhancing products. Never worry about those undesired side affects ever again! Wait until you see, smell & feel the difference it makes for your hair & skin using only ingredients that are beneficial to your whole mind/body/emotional complex. From clearing up blemished skin, healing dry skin, to just keeping skin & hair beautiful, that is what Shear Miracles is for.

Understanding that a salon needs the ability to enhance the color of their clients’ hair, I had begun to search for the safest, healthiest method to color hair. I now use an organic color system that is virtually non-toxic, never using ammonia or any ammonia substitutes. What I found to be different from all the other, so-called, natural or ammonia-free color lines now on the market is that this system changes the whole delivery procedure. Most color lines use a harsh chemical to blast open the hair’s cuticle, thus allowing the color to penetrate the hair. This system does not. Instead, it uses ingredients like natural oils & heat to gently soften the hair. No ammonia. No fumes. No burn or itch. No damage. No Banding. No Hot Roots. No Brassing. No Plastics. No Sulfates. No Parabens. No Animal Tasting. No Animal Products. Just unrivalled color and healthier hair. Knowing this was the best color line I had found, I contacted them about my mission & the Shear Miracles products I was already providing for salons & spas & how I would love to incorporate what they had to offer in my mission. They invited me to become a representative & educator. I happily accepted & now offer this as well.

It has been an exciting past 3 ½ years, watching the organic revolution change the way salons & spas approach beauty. Every day someone new contacts me with interest, reminding me that there are Shear Miracles taking place to make this world a healthier, more beautiful & safer place.


Robyn & Dianne
Robyn Atticks & her mother, Dianne Schaub

Lancaster, PA 93101 (888) 223-7986



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