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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

    'Evan's Garden is known for great all-natural products and wonderful customer service.  Evan is a joy to work with and makes her products from the heart. She has a very special line that has been prepared for those that enjoy handmade, effective beauty and wellness products. Make sure to visit the Evan's Garden site to find wonderful goodies for you and your family.

     I enjoyed trying some new goodies this time around in the Holiday Preview Bag. There was also one that was in a prior Product Spotlight. Keep reading to learn more.      

Individual Product Reviews ~


 Natural Toothpaste

I've already fallen in love with this product. You may see more in this Product Spotlight. But the bottom line is that it is one of the best toothpastes out there, and definitely one of the most natural. Being brown in color really makes this one unique. It's effective and pleasant to use. You're going to love this one!

Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Evan Says: My Natural Toothpaste is one of our very most popular products. While my Tooth & Gum Powder can help in important ways — I created it to help me avoid expensive dental surgery and I ended up never needing it — my customers still requested a toothpaste. I formulated it to draw toxins from the mouth, clean the teeth thoroughly and gently and assist the immune system. And the good news we've learned from customers as well as ourselves is that this yummy toothpaste also tends to whiten brilliantly! We love it and hope you do, too. 

Ingredients:baking soda, vegetable glycerin, calcium bentonite clay, sea salt, peppermint essential oil (EO), citrus seed extract, cinnamon powder, xanthan gum, trace mineral complex, extracts of neem leaf & olive leaf, superfine pumice, eucalyptus globulus, thyme red & lavender EO’s, neem oil, olive Castile soap, extracts of plantain & oat grass, spearmint & myrrh EO’s, honey, oak flower essence.

Regular Full Size/Price: 1.5 oz Jar / $7.95 (You'll find a Trial Size in the Sampler) 


I found the scent to be very enjoyable, which is always a plus. It's quite concentrated, so a little bit will take you a long way (another plus!). I also liked that it thoroughly cleansed without being drying. It also wasn't oily or moisturizing. I like my conditioner for that purpose. Since I didn't have any of Evan's Garden Conditioner on hand, I did have to use another brand since a conditioner is always the second half of what I need for my hair. My hair turned out very shiny and soft, so I'd say that this product is a hit!

Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Our shampoos are different than those loaded with chemicals. No fake and lingering smells, no gooey textures. What they do have are herbal infusions, marine plant extracts, essential oils and so on in formulations made for various kinds of hair and scalps.

Ingredients:aloe vera gel, borage seed oil, borax (a natural mineral), carrot seed essential oil, eucalyptus lemon essential oil, Healthy Hair Infusion (mountain spring water, herbs of burdock root, coltsfoot, nettles and horsetail, sea kelp, lavender, calendula & chamomile flowers), geranium essential oil, citrus seed extract, hydrolized wheat protein, lavender essential oil, lecithin, lemon essential oil, lemon juice, liquid trace mineral complex, neem oil, olive castille soap (saponified olive oil), olive leaf extract, rosemary essential oil, rosemary extract, rosemary verbenon essential oil.

Regular Full Size/Price: 4 oz / $8.75 or 8oz / $15.75 (You'll find a Travel Size in the Sampler)

Eau de Parfum (Tapestry)

Before I read what Evan says on her site, my thoughts were that this perfume was appropriately named. I could envision myself on a big exotic tapestry in the middle of a castle by a roaring fire. The musky scent conjures up mysticism and romance. It's beautiful. PS: My hubby likes it too!

Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Tapestry™ is exotic, floral, musky. One aromatherapy perfume ingredient, a very rare, precious essence from India, we are told is used as both an aphrodisiac and in doing yoga. This aromatherapy perfume transports you to castles, caravans and other places and times. Bon voyage!

Ingredients:biodynamically grown grape alcohol, pure essential oils, mountain spring water.

Regular Full Size/Price:.34oz Cobalt Glass Roll-On Bottle / $44.75 (You'll find a Trial Size Bottle in the Sampler)  

Eau de Cologne No. 1054

This scent is beautiful too, in a lighter, fresher way. I picture French women with baskets of flowers journeying through the garden paths. This is great for those that want a nice light everyday scent that is both uplifting and soft.

Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Eau de Cologne No. 1054 for Men & Women is a scent inspired by one I loved way back when. called No. 4711. It was created centuries ago, worn by Beethoven, and worn by me before I learned of the toxicity of commercial products. My No. 1054 is very much my own perfume concoction, however, yet reminiscent of the other, if you know it. No. 1054 is light, sunshiney, fresh and positively captivating with fruits and some rare, exotic flower essences plus a bit of depth and grounding from trees. This is one of my own favorite perfumes because to wear it brings not only its beauty but a sense of joy and of good things to come.

Ingredients:biodynamically grown grape alcohol, pure essential oils, mountain spring water.

Regular Full Size/Price:.34oz Cobalt Glass Roll-On Bottle / $44.75 (You'll find a Small Vial Size in the Sampler)  



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Evan's Garden

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