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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

    Earth's Beauty is a company that I always enjoy.  Marj Melchiors is a stickler for purity like I am, and I can always count on her knowledge and integrity when it comes to her information and products. Marj's other business, 'Cosmetics Without Synthetics' at does very well by offering a wide range of all-natural beauty products from several different companies. She has done her research to bring the finest quality to her shoppers.

     You will love shopping at both stores and being served by Marj and her staff. I also want to mention here that Marj was our very first Personality Spotlight at the 'All Natural Beauty' website. My personal thanks goes to Marj for believing in us when we were brand new and just getting started. I look forward to continuing to promote all that this company offers. There's a reason why 'Earth's Beauty' does so well, make sure to visit their site to find out why.

Individual Product Reviews ~


Mascara (Black)

Perfect Mascara! It goes on easily with the wide bristle brush. I liked how it gave me great control to rock it into the base of my lashes for fullness as well as tip the ends. There was no clumps or flakes, just the perfect amount on the brush every time. I put on a couple of coats and that's all my lashes needed to look full and long. This mascara was all I could ever hope for, wonderful!

Here's what Earth's Beauty has to say ~

Earth's Beauty brings you a fragrance-free lash building mascara with all natural ingredients! Works great for sensitive eyes! You can apply multiple coats to achieve the look you want!

Ingredients:water, candelilla wax, organic beeswax, glycerin, glyceryl stearate, aloe vera, proprietary herbal extract blend, grapefruit seed extract, iron oxide, mica

Regular Full Size/Price: 9 gr tube / $12.95 (You'll find a travel size in the Sampler)


Lipstick (Desert Rose Sapphire)

I LOVE this color, so beautiful! I'd call it a warm brick color. Some brick colors can be too dark or overpowering, but not this one. It's very soft. With the semi-sheerness and the moisturizing qualities, I can see why Earth's Beauty is known for their award winning lipstick formulations! I will wear this a lot with my fall colors. It is very complimentary to my skin tone and I love how it feels. It's a good one, you'll want to have this! And please make sure to check out the other gorgeous colors

Here's what Earth's Beauty has to say ~

Shea & Aloe Lipstick! Our pure and moisturizing lipstick has arrived! Available in a handy travel size mini lipstick or a full size tube.

Ingredients:castor oil, shea butter, candellila wax, carnauba wax, beeswax, Vitamin E, iron oxide, mica, aloe vera extract (numbers 2,3,4 also contain carmine).

Regular Full Size/Price:$12.95 (You'll find a mini size in the Sampler)




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Earth's Beauty

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