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  Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     There's nothing quite as relaxing as a pedicure.  Giving yourself a pedicure has many benefits including softening your feet beyond belief and... stopping the world for just a little while you enjoy some peace of mind. The way I give myself this treatment is to begin by laying the groundwork for this experience. I turn off the phone and turn on some nice soft music. I light an aromatherapy candle and pour myself something to sip on while I relax. I then fill up my pedicure bath with warm water (you may use any large bowl or pan as long as your feet can fit spaciously). You can also add some fresh herbs (Rosemary or Mint are two nice choices), bath salts and/or the essential oils of your choice. I like to lay out a nice plush towel underneath the bath, and have a stack of smaller towels near by. Once everything is in place, I slip my tootsies into the tub. This part is the fun part, I lean back and just relax, while my feet soak up the good vibes and the warmth.

     The next phase of the process is the 'doing' phase. Which is still be a relaxing pleasure since I'm using a luxurious scrub from Shear Miracles called'Beautiful Feet Organic Foot Scrub'! I always love the smell of Peppermint. It's so refreshing and invigorating and always great for tired feet. I bring one foot out of the bath and massage it thoroughly, getting into every spot, around the heels, in between the toes, all the way up to the top of the foot and ankle. I always find that giving myself any kind of scrub feels like scratching an itch. It feels so good! You'll know how much pressure to apply by simply remembering that there should be no pain, it should always feel good. After scrubbing the first foot I place it halfway into the water and remove the scrub with my hands. I then pat it dry with a fluffy towel and set it outside the bath. I repeat the process with the other foot and then push the pedicure bath forward out of the way.

     The next step is where you add the moisture into the skin through the use of Shear Miracles 'Beautiful Feet Organic Foot Cream' (it also comes in Peppermint). The texture is perfect for a foot cream because it is thick and rich, yet has enough slip for you to give yourself a nice massage. And remember not to skimp on this part. You may think that the only time you deserve an actual 'massage' is when someone else gives it to you. But a foot massage is something that will be beneficial to your overall well being whether someone else does it for you or you do it for yourself. It doesn't have to be long, just do it. Our feet are filled with nerve endings that can be a source of great pleasure when massaged gently. As you massage, feel it throughout your body and remember to breathe deeply. I've also found that this cream can be nourishing to the hands as well, so give your hands a little treatment as well. Now sit back, put your feet up and let the cream soak in for a few minutes. Sure you could just wipe off any excess and not do this step, buy hey, live a little! Give yourself some unwinding time while you soak up some moisture. You are going to be so grateful for this treat you've given yourself. You may even want to make this a regular part of your self-care routine. I sure hope so!


Here's what Shear Miracles has to say ~


Beautiful Feet Organic Foot Scrub
Combining all natural essential oils, this foot scrub removes dead skin and invigorates your feet.

Ingredients: Organic Aloe Vera, organic shea butter; organic oils of: sunflower, sesame, safflower, apricot, coconut, grapeseed, almond and wild-crafted beeswax;; organic herbal infusions of: marshmallow root, bilberry, neem leaf, calendula flowers, slippery elm, alfalfa chickweed, skullcap, hawthorn berry green tea, sunflower seed, ginkgo leaf and St. John's Wort; grapeseed extract; certified organic plant sourced xanthan gum; walnut shells; organic papaya enzyme; organic essential oils of: peppermint.

Size/Price:2 oz / $26.00


Beautiful Feet Organic Foot Cream
A nourishing all-natural treat for the feet. Use this cream to soften and beautify your overworked feet.

Ingredients: Please visit website for ingredient list.

Size/Price:4 oz / $20




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