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Set the mood for romance

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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty 

     Shear Miracles is known for their exceptionally pure hair, skin and body care products. They are also known for their variety and innovation when it comes to bringing new products to the marketplace. This time around they offer a lovely massage oil that is sure to spark the romantic flames of those who dare to use it called 'Love & Romance'. Perfect for this Valentines Month, I know you're going to enjoy this one!   

Individual Product Review~


Massage Oil in 'Love & Romance' Flavor
Soft and Frisky
Usually when I think of a sensual scent made for romance I think of something heavy and earthy. But this romantic scent is different (in a good way) because it is more soft and frisky, even playful. The citrus notes come forward and play well with the alluring hints of Rose. It's really quite lovely and I would use this on my skin any time. It smells great, and with all of those sensational ingredients, I'm sure that my skin (and love life) can only benefit! 

Ingredients: Organic oils of: coconut, grapeseed, almond, sunflower, and almond; organic stevia extract; organic herbal infusions of: calendula flowers, bilberry (natural vitamin C via bioflavonoids), slippery elm, chickweed, neem leaf, skullcap, ginkgo leaf, hawthorn berry, green tea, rosemary leaf, marshmallow root, St. John’s Wort and alfalfa; organic essential oils of: Damask rose and orange. 

Size / Price:Full Size / $14.00


Here's what Shear Miracles has to say ~

Massage Oil in 'Love & Romance' Flavor

Made for Valentine's Day and beyond, this massage oil will stir the passion in you.  


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