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Invigorate the senses... anytime, anywhere.

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  Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     Whenever I think of Dropwise Essentials... I think, ah time to slow down.  Aromatherapy is what this company specializes in and I can't think of a more healthy way to relax and celebrate nature at it's finest. All of their products are all-natural, and they all just make complete sense. You choose your scent based on what you need to do, relax and unwind, invigorate, or everything in between. Let Dropwise Essentials be your best friend when it's time to be good to yourself.


Individual Product Review~


Aromatic Spray Mister (in Refresh)
It's time to wake up!
There are times when it seems everything is just going a little too slow. At the end of a long day, or even when things feel too heavy and negative I sometimes just wish I could push a button and say "Stop, change of mood please." By using Dropwise Essentials' Aromatic Spray Mister in 'Refresh' scent, you CAN do this! It's absolutely wonderful how it can completely turn everything around with just one spritz of this into your air space.

Not only will it work in your air space, it will work the same way when spritzed onto your face or body. Let's say you've been working all day and are going out that night. Feeling a little worn out is natural. All you need is a good spritzing of Refresh from head to toe to invigorate and enliven the senses. It works like magic to get things heading in a positive direction once again.

Being a spray also makes this product quite portable. Take it with you to work for those afternoon lulls. Your coworkers will thank you. If there are times when you just need a nice, natural pick-me-up, this is your answer! Refresh and come alive with this lovely aromatic spray mister.

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Here's what Dropwise Essentials has to say ~

Like a cool refreshing breeze, this stimulating blend that features spearmint, peppermint, lime, and patchouli essential oils, will revive you when you're feeling overheated, flushed, or tired. Gentle and safe to spray on your face and hair. Use it to infuse energy into a stale or stuffy room or to instantly brighten your personal space.

Lightweight and portable, this mister, which doubles up as a room and body spray, is the perfect travel accessory!

Great for travel or any time you need a quick pick me up

Breathes new life into stale air

Offers a virtual "spa in a bottle"

(Available in Divine, Inspiration, Soothe, Refresh & Revitalize blends)

Ingredients: Purified water (aqua), peppermint hydrosol (mentha piperita flower water), and a proprietary blend of 100% pure essential oils.

Directions: Gently roll or shake the bottle to activate the blend. Hold it 10-12 inches away from your face or above your head, close your eyes, and spray liberally. Let it fall over you like a gentle mist as you deeply breathe in the scent. Repeat as often as you need or like. Do not spray directly into your eyes!

Size / Price:Available in 2.75 oz. light and portable brushed aluminum bottles with elegant spray tops in five different blends. FAA-compliant! / $12.50


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