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  Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     Looking for high quality all-natural skincare and mineral makeup?  You'll certainly find it at Jenulence. You've seen their products in our Spotlights several times before, and I'm sure that you'll see them again. Jenulence provides lovely items that are a cut above the rest in so many ways. They offer high performance, high quality, and great value. What a combination!


Individual Product Reviews~


Mineral Foundation/Concealer (SPF 15) - in Golden Peach
Great coverage for flawless skin
Still loving and using this product! This color seems to be a bit lighter and has a soft golden tone. Works perfectly with my coloring once again. I adore this product, I've even given up on foundation!

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Ingredients: Titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, sericite, iron oxides, mica powder, may contain ultramarine blue.


Mineral Blush - in Cranberry
Lovely color
This color is perfect for summer. It's a brick tone that works under the cheekbones as a shadow as well as giving a bronzy look elsewhere. Very nice!

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Ingredients: Mica, titanium dioxide, sericite, cosmetic grade pigments: ultramarine violet, ultramarine pink and manganese violet.


Eye Shadow - in Blue Pearl
From the Shimmer Collection
I'm definitely a creature of habit when it comes to makeup. Being a makeup artist in my past, I tried every look and almost every color out there. But now I just stick to the tried and true, a bit safe and probably even a little boring. That's why I love doing these reviews because it makes me step out of my comfort zone and try new colors. I probably would never reach for a blue shadow, especially since my eyes are blue. But alas, this color looks beautiful! It's almost like a soft grey, and it works perfectly to push back and add a bit of vibrancy. I think this one will work with any eye color if used correctly. I used it with the 'Mauve Pearl' (see below) as a highlight. Very pretty!


Here's what Jenulence has to say ~

About Shimmers:Our shimmering mineral eye shadows are handcrafted from pure powdered minerals, such as oxidized mica powder and serecite without any additives, dyes, waxes, fillers, talc or preservatives. They are soft, translucent, light, and last all day long. Our eye shadows blend perfectly with each other and create natural, bright and beautiful effects. You may mix them to create your own colors. Mineral eye shadows may be applied dry or wet. Any color may be used as a mineral eyeliner; just use a wet eyeliner brush or to use as a mineral brow color use a dry brow brush.
Full size (Net Volume: 5 gm | Net Wt: 1.5 gm): $6
Sample no-sifter jar (1/4 teaspoon): $2.50
Sample zip-lock bag (1/6 teaspoon): $1

Blue Pearl:Soft pearlescent blue color shimmering eye shadow.

Ingredients: Mica powder, sericite, may contain titanium dioxide.

Size / Price:5 gr / $6.00


Eye Shadow - in Mauve Pearl
From the Shimmer Collection
This color reminds me of everything soft and feminine. It's a very soft pinky cream color. You may use a little for a very subtle accent, or use more to really make a statement. It's the perfect highlight color and really does the trick. Good for any age and any coloring. I love the way these shadows go on and stay on. Lovely!


Here's what Jenulence has to say ~

Mauve Pearl: Soft pearlescent mauve color shimmering eye shadow.

Ingredients:Mica powder, sericite, may contain titanium dioxide.

Size / Price:5 gr / $6.00





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