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Evan's Garden: Meadow Foam Hand Soap

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Clean Hands, Lifted Spirit

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  Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     What's there not to love about Evan's Garden products?  They are made fresh to order by someone that is sweet and lovely that truly cares about the environment and going a more natural path. Evan has proven herself time and time again to be a doll when it comes to making great products and giving her customers a personal and whimsical experience at her store. Make sure to visit Evan's Garden and see what I'm talking about. You can feel the love just by strolling her virtual aisles at her site. The products are health and beauty related and all made with the personal touch of someone that truly cares about making a difference. 


Individual Product Review~


Meadow Foam Hand Soap in Lemongrass scent
Hand Cleansing with a Twist
I really like this hand soap! The surprise to me was when I first went to use it and it came out of the bottle as a foam! "How ingenius!" I thought. The smell of Lemongrass is a real treat too. The effectiveness gets an A+, the experience gets an A+, and the fact that it leaves the hands clean and soft tells me that this product is another winner in the amazing lineup of Evan's Garden products. Perfection plus all around!


Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Every day we wash our hands several times. If you use soaps that contain toxic ingredients ? and these include antibacterial soaps and ones scented with artificial fragrances ? you're likely to assault your body's health. Evan's new Meadow Foam Hand Soaps smell fantastic, clean and rinse off beautifully and leave your skin feeling great. Plus, they're really fun to use. Press on the pump and you get a cloud of lovely-smelling soap foam.

Ingredients: mountain spring water, olive Castile soap, decyl glucoside (a form of sugar found in plants, biodegradable, non-pore-clogging, rated as mild, non-toxic and non-irritating as Castile soap), rose hydrosol, fragrance (fruit concentrate & essential oils), Swedish Flower Pollen Extract, meadowfoam oil, olive oil, neem oil, rosemary extract.

Size / Price:8 oz / $9.95



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