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Light & natural non-drying lip color

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon @ all natural beauty-

     When I think of wearing color on my lips, I think...sacrifice.  For the limited time that my lips will make me look fabulous and alluring, I will pay later with dryness and peeling.  That's with most lipsticks.  When I think of lip gloss, I think of gooey stuff that looks great when you're about 12 or 13 years old.  But it has kind of a thick, unappealing look when you're over 18.

     Was I ever surprised when I tried Earth's Beauty Lip Glaze.  Not only did the consistency feel light and natural, it made my lips feel moisturized and better than they had been before I applied it!  This product feels like a lip balm, but gives the appearance of soft, beautiful lips.

     I tried a color called "Wild Rose", which is the most beautiful color for lips that I could have ever imagined.  It's like the color of natural rosey lips, but slightly more intense.  It would be a gorgeous color for a woman of any age.  I just wish that I had this product back when I was doing a lot of make-up applications.  I would have used it more than any other lipstick or gloss.  My clients were women that wanted a fresh, natural look.  Like most of us, they wanted to look like the best version of themselves that they could be.  That's what this product does for you.  It just intensifies your own natural beauty, while giving natural healing and protection at the same time.

     You have three options when ordering this product.  You may get the travel size (which is like what we used to call a "pot of gloss"), the compact, or a sample size, which is just enough to tease you (in a good way).  The compact is actually nice for travel as well because it comes with a handy mirrored case and an applicator.  If you compare this product with it's high-end counterparts, price wise, it's a deal!  But even more so, the luxurious moisture and softness that it brings to the lips puts it miles ahead.  I seriously have never used a better colored lip formula in my life.  I don't say that lightly either, I've been working with make-up professionally  for 24 years.

     In the old days I always needed a Vitamin E stick under any lipstick that I applied.  In other words, I had to protect the lips from the lipstick.   Not anymore, now I have a new way to go, one step perfection...

Earth's Beauty Lip Glaze!


Prices: Travel Size - $8.95 / Compact - $10.95 / Sample - $1.00


More Reasons to try this Beautiful Product:

  • No ingredients that are known health hazards for humans or the environment are used

  • No ingredients used are tested on animals

  • No finished products are tested on animals

  • No ingredients are obtained from killed animals

  • No FD&C colorings or carmine are used

- Earth's Beauty Products are All Natural -


 Here's what Earth's Beauty has to say ~

Achieve the look you want without the chemicals!  The Earth's Beauty™ line of all natural Mineral Colours™ makeup has very minimal ingredients.  You see, in order to create blushes, eye shadows, and face powders that are in the traditional "caked" form, you must use more ingredients.  These other ingredients can be the ones that can cause irritation and allergic reactions.

  Here at Earth's Beauty™, we understand the needs of those who have allergies to common cosmetic ingredients, those with multiple chemical sensitivities, and also those who are just looking for safe cosmetics.

"The look you want, the ingredients you trust"  The Earth's Beauty™ line is made with pure ingredients  consisting of organic arrowroot flour, magnesium stearate, iron oxides, and mica for colorings.  Our SPF 15 powders include zinc oxide, zinc stearate, and kaolin clay.  Nothing more!

Lip Glaze Ingredients: Castor oil, Jojoba, Beeswax, Iron Oxide, Mica, & Vitamin E.


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