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   Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     Finding a great line of all-natural beauty products is so great.  When I came across Shear Miracles (practically in my own backyard) I was beside myself! Robyn Atticks, the owner and founder of the line has put together an incredible selection of products. It ranges from hair care, to body care, and even includes specialty products such as pet care and baby care. You will be thrilled with any product that you choose. But today we are focusing on a Baby product, Baby Sunscreen to be exact. Whether you have an infant or a young child, you'll want to use the safest, purest product possible. This product doesn't contain any of the usual host of scary ingredients. It works by layering it. If you want more protection, simply use more and use it more frequently.


Individual Product Review~


Baby Miracles Baby Sunscreen
Take care of your baby the pure way
Even though I'm not a baby myself, the best way that I could describe this product was to use it. So I did, and you know what? I liked it very much! I loved the scent, very natural and summery. I also loved what it did for my skin. It made it VERY soft and luxurious. I highly recommend this for your infant, your small child, or even yourself. I enjoy everything about it and I know you will too.


Here's what Shear Miracles has to say ~

This chemical free sunscreen is equivalent to a 30+, protecting delicate baby's skin from too much sun exposure.

Ingredients: Certified organic shea butter, organic aloe vera, organic oils of: hemp, sunflower, coconut, grapeseed, almond, jojoba, apricot, sesame and sea buckthorn; titanium dioxide; zinc oxide; certified organic plant source xanthan gum.

Product Instructions:Apply a thin layer. Work into the skin. Do this every 2 hours. The thicker this product is applied the more sun protection it will give. Our sunscreens are physical sunscreens & work by reflecting and/or scattering UV rays and radiation. Sun will turn the formula into a liquid. This will not hurt the formula, but it is easier to apply when it is a little thicker.

Size / Price:Sample Size / $3.00  -  2 oz / $35.00



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