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Hello Donna and welcome to the Personality Spotlight! As owner and founder of Nature's Basin, we'd like to get to know you better. Please tell us about yourself and how you became the woman that you are today.

     I was born in San Francisco and have lived most of my life in the San Francisco Bay Area except for a few years after college when I lived and traveled across Asia and Europe. I have a Bachelors in Communications & a minor in Physical Education with an emphasis on Nutrition from U.C. San Diego while my Masters in Speech Language Pathology is from San Jose State University. I am married to a wonderfully supportive husband and have two lovely children who are growing up too quickly.


I learned from your website that you were a speech pathologist that worked with children before opening your business. What insight did this give you in your decision to sell all-natural products? 

     As a speech language pathologist, I have always been concerned with the affect of environmental factors that possibly affect autism and other learning disabilities among children. That lead me to consider natural and organic products for me and my family. However, I soon realized that there are no safety standards regulated by the government for the products that claim to be natural and organic. Hence I found myself doing a lot of research to understand the ingredients and their affect on the human body. I soon realized that others, among my peer groups, had the same concern. Hence it was natural then for me to offer the same products via an online store to others so that they can benefit from my research without having to spend the same amount of time to assess the safety of various brands and products that claim to be natural and organic.


I agree, Nature's Basin does offer so many well-researched lines of products all in one convenient place. What was your criteria for choosing the lines and products that you offer?

     The criteria that I always use is to ensure that they meet a certain level of safety, that they are effective and use organic and natural ingredients. We assess each brand to ensure that they have clinically-proven formulas that demonstrate safety, that are effective, & results driven, while utilizing the most organic content possible.


What are your best selling products and your own personal favorites and why? 

     Our best selling products are in our skin care and make up category. Christopher Drummond and Suki tend to sell well as well as Living Nature, Inara and Soleo Sunscreens. Some of my favorites are the following:
Inara Babassu
Bar Soap which leaves my skin moisturized without having to use lotion after bath
Living Nature
Radiance Night Oil: I love the smell and it leaves my skin soft and supple
Tinted Active Moisturizer is light coverage and keeps my skin looking fresh and moisturized
Cellular Renewal Eye Lift Cream helps diminish the fine lines around my eyes
Pangea Organics
Himalayan Geranium & Pomegranate Balancing Oil and Christopher Drummond Liquid Lipstick Pink Kiss are also one of my favorites.

What makes your company unique?

      Nature's Basin stands on outstanding products and world class customer service. Our products stand for safety and effectiveness. When people buy products from us, we want them to rest assure that the product that they are purchasing is indeed safe for their family and effective. I truly believe in treating each and every customer like a family member and going above and beyond to do what is necessary to accommodate their need. We love to hear from our customers and delighting them at every opportunity we can find.


What important lessons have you learned from running your own business, and what advice do you have for someone that wants to open their own all-natural beauty business?
      I feel rewarded by the personal connections I have made through this, helping people feel & look great. I would say for anyone attempting their own business, go in with your eyes wide open. it's a lot of hard work, long days and tiring nights. You must be completely committed to what you want to do & give it the time it needs to develop. You cannot switch gears after a few months to try something else & think it’s going to work. Through the hardship, self-doubt & sacrifice, allow yourself to be afraid & keep on keep on going! Don’t give up!


When you're not running your business or taking care of your family, what do you do for fun? What are your hobbies?

      Being a mother of a 9 year old and a 5 year old is pretty much a full time job even without Nature's Basin. So what ever time is left, I try my best to spend it with my kids. I do love to travel and take family trips to enjoy the many outdoors when ever we can.


Finally, we all want to live vicariously through you. What would be your ideal day of pampering?

      I'd be in Bali getting a facial massage and and then enjoying time with my family soaking in the city and the scenic beaches.


    Please make sure to visit: 


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All views expressed in this Spotlight are those of the various participants, they are presented here for your enjoyment and enlightenment.  These views do not necessarily represent the views of SharAmbrosia or the "all natural beauty" website. 


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