Organic Body Lotion

Organic Body Lotion

From Shear Miracle Organics

Soft luscious skin... naturally!

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     It's all about smooth skin. This is especially true after you reach 'a certain age'. If you don't know what I mean by that, it doesn't matter. Some day you'll know.  Shear Miracles Organic Body Lotion is one of the very best body lotions that I've come across. I know that's a grand statement! But it's the truth. I LOVE this lotion because it truly makes my skin feel nourished and soft. I LOVE Jasmine and Orange, which are the 2 flavors that this comes in. I LOVE the fact that it penetrates right into the skin in a very short time period. So there's no stickiness or waiting around before I can put my clothes on.

     I can't speak highly enough about this product. Oh and one more thing (and this is a biggie!) it's all-natural! Yipeeee! Now how great is that? There's no allergic reaction from me, no sneezing, no watery eyes... just soft beautiful skin! I'm so happy that I finally tried this product right now in the warmer months because I know that this is going to be my go-to moisturizer. Hey, it will even be great during the colder months! Just try it, you're going to LOVE it too.


Here's what Shear Miracles has to say ~

Organic Body LotionFrom the Beautiful Body Collection

This lotion is great for the entire body. It's lighter than body butter, this silky & smooth lotion quickly melts into the skin to restore softness and hydration. Perfect for normal and dry skin to soothe all-over, order the scent that best fits your personality! Available in Orange & Jasmine.

Ingredients:Organic aloe vera; distilled water; organic oils of: sunflower, coconut, almond, grapeseed and jojoba; organic herbal infusions of: bilberry, neem leaf, calendula flowers, slippery elm, rosemary leaf, sunflower seed, chickweed, skullcap, and alfalfa; grapeseed extract; certified organic plant sourced xanthan gum; organic essential oils.

Price: $18.00

Size:4 oz bottle



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