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Aromatherapy Treatments

From Jeanne Rose

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 Product review by Carol Simon (Jeanne Rose Student)

     Jeanne’s Rose has been gathering information and publishing books on the subject of herbs and essential oils for health and well being for years. In her latest publication, Aromatherapy Treatments, Ms. Rose has once again given her readers and students an amazing collection of personal case studies and articles. One would have to search through the “Herbal Studies Course”, “the Aromatherapy Studies Course”, Jeanne’s monthly newsletters and other articles to find what she has offered in this one book.

     A quick scan through the pages gave me an idea of just how much information Aromatherapy Treatments contains, but it wasn’t’ until I read through the whole book that I realized just how valuable it really is. Every ailment that Jeanne discusses is given a complete course of care, from essential oils, hydrosols, and herbs, to dietary and lifestyle changes and suggestions. There are recipes and blends for inhalation therapy, baths, and massage oils, as well as teas, tinctures and other formulas. The topics range from physical to emotional health, such as allergies, skin care, diabetes, stress and depression, as well as household products and insect infestations. The book also contains well over a dozen of Jeanne Rose’s charts that list essential oils, hydrosols and/or herbs to use for specific conditions. My favorites are Essential Oils for Stress Relief, 25 Best Herbs & Essential Oils for Care of the Body (Inside & Out), and Essential Oils and Herbs – Uses for the Respiratory System.

     I am always amazed by Jeanne Rose’s wealth of knowledge and her ability to share it in such a readable and enjoyable fashion. Aromatherapy Treatments [Aroma/Herbal Treatments is the new title] has quickly become a valuable addition to my aromatherapy library and is now one of the first book’s I use when researching any health condition. There is enough information contained in these pages to keep my self, family and friends on the path to good health for a long time to come. Thank you, Jeanne! … Carol Simon


Jeanne Rose envisions this spiral bound book as the first in a compendium of 3. These treatments are from 40 years of her files of personal client consultations, a summary of her life’s work. The 2nd class and the 2nd book will be in late 2011. Volume 1 is available now at for $209.


Here's what Jeanne Rose has to say ~

Aromatherapy Treatments

Learn the ways in which herbalism and aromatherapy may provide healing. This is about living green and Nature’s Green & Aromatic Secrets and living an environmental healthy and conscious life in the city or country. Jeanne says, “Aromatherapy is to Herbalism as surgery is to medicine”. You will learn how to care for many conditions using a complete alternative treatment program. Many treatments and many conditions discussed — Incorporating all Complementary Methods Including AROMATHERAPY TREATMENTS OF HYDROSOLS AND ESSENTIAL OILS; DIET (SUPPLEMENTS, HERBS, VITAMINS); EMOTIONAL AND OTHER COMPLEMENTARY TREATMENTS; HERBAL Treatments HYDROTHERAPY/SPA; MASSAGE and more. Essential Oils work well with herbs and the trick is finding out when and how to use both, for herbs and essential oils compliment one another most graciously.

You will learn to take care of your self and the secrets that Jeanne Rose has acquired over the last 40 years from the Collected and Recommended information from her files and personal consultations. About 200 pages.

Price: $209 (Look for a Special Offer at the Jeanne Rose Website!)



You can find this book (and many others) at the Jeanne Rose Website:

Aromatherapy Treatments by Jeanne Rose


Internationally acclaimed author, Jeanne Rose, is a master herbalist and aromatherapist that has made a huge impact in the field at large.  Please visit Jeanne's web site ( to see her many books that she has written, as well as her all-natural products, educational opportunities and her special program, the "Aromatic Plant Project".  You may call her at (415) 564-6785.

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