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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty  

     When you talk about a 'fun' place to shop, Evan's Garden is the store that I think of. First of all, the site is gorgeous, welcoming, and filled with a multitude of all-natural skincare, body care, cosmetics and health care products that I know you'll want. But Evan herself is a hoot. She is one of the funnest and funniest people I've met. She is so positive and zany that my heart is always lighter every time I get an email from her. Evan used to be a school teacher early on in her career and I can just imagine how much fun those kids must of had in her class! Her other talents include singing, writing music and playing the piano. She is a very special lady indeed and we are so blessed that she came our way. I've really enjoyed the whole Evan's Garden experience. I hope you'll take the time to get to know Evan through her Personality Spotlight (see below). Make sure to visit her site when you get a chance and try some of her amazing products.  

Individual Product Review~


Eye Shadow - Mineral Eye Color Powders & Gossamer Lights

Evan has supplied us with a very nice mixture of eye shadows here to try. On my Video Review of the products in the sampler I actually used each and every shadow in the bag, at the same time! And it even surprised me when... it worked! So I guess what I'm saying is that each color is different enough that they do what they're supposed to do, without competing with eachother. There is just enough shine to make them fun for the holidays, yet they are subtle enough to keep your eyes the stars instead of the makeup. Great colors and they go on great. I'm very happy with Evan's mineral eye shadows. They're great! 

Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Enjoy four Mineral Eye Color Powders in Sterling, Gold, Dark Plum and one of my Gossamer Lights™ which could be any one of the following: Blue/Green/Gold, Pink/Purple, Golden Peach/Violet or Lavender Blue/Violet. .

Ingredients:Natural Mineral Eye Color Powder for shadow and eye liner contain non-microparticle (safe, larger particles of) mica, mineral oxides, titanium dioxide, ultramarines. 

Size / Price: Full Size / $30.45 (for the 4 shadows in the Sampler) 


Eau de Parfum - Tapestry Scent
This is such a lovely, sensual scent. This will be your 'Cleopatra' scent. Just picture Cleopatra riding down the Nile with her men rowing the boat as she proudly looked forward, boldly going where no woman went before. Feel bold and powerful in this femininely exotic eau de parfum by Evan's Garden.   

Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

Floral, musky, exotic natural perfume transports you to faraway places.

Ingredients: biodynamically grown grape alcohol, pure essential oils and fruit extracts, water (mountain spring) or hydrosol. 

Size / Price: Sample size / $3



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