Camelia Blanca from Rosa y Fruta

Camelia Blanca

From Rosa y Fruta

Clean thoroughly, soften exquisitely

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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     I'm generally a creamy cleanser gal.  But this cleansing oil really has my full attention! I'm speaking of Camelia Blanca by Rosa y Fruta. Just tell me it's from Rosa y Fruta and I'm all over it! ;-)

     When I first tried this cleanser I followed the directions to use a few drops on dry skin and massage to remove dirt, oil and makeup. It felt luscious... really good! Then I removed it with a warm wash cloth. My skin felt clean, soft and sensational. It felt as though it didn't even need moisturizer. But ah, that wouldn't be any fun would it? Then you wouldn't get the pleasure of using other Rosa y Fruta products! ;-)

     I've been using this highly nutritious cleanser (made from exotic Camellia oil) ever since that first experience many weeks ago and I'm happy to report that my skin feels absolutely glorious! I'm now very happy to say I use an oily cleanser! It's nothing to fear, just totally embrace. This is one awesome cleanser and it will be fabulous for any skin type since it's so pure and doesn't clog pores. I highly recommend Camelia Blanca!


Here's what Rosa y Fruta has to say ~

Camelia Blanca- Facial Cleanser

  All the benefits of 100% White Camellia oil, in a rinsible form. This means you can massage it on your face as a cleanser and then rinse it clean- without stripping the skin of it's protective mantle or changing the pH! Apply to hair as a treatment before a shower, and then rinse.

White Camellia is the essence of purity. It is known as the "beautification oil" in Asia, and was a Geisha's secret to flawless skin and lustrous hair. Nothing cleans the skin better and more soothingly than white camellia oil. Remove makeup, impurities, deep clean pores, without stripping the skin's protective mantle or change the pH like other cleansers. Plus we added a special Olive ester that makes this oil rinsible with water!

Rosa y Fruta was the first company to press certified organic cold pressed extra virgin unrefined white camellia oil.

-Certified organic by the Soil Association
-Essential oil and nut oil free.
-Excellent for all skin types! (will NOT clog pores)


Facial cleansing rinsible oil - wash and dry hands. Massage 5 pumps of oil to dry face. Massage for 10-20 seconds so that the oil binds with other oils and makeup. Rinse clean. Follow up to remove eye makeup, by applying 1-3 pumps of the rinsible oil to a moistened cotton pad. Wipe clean eye makeup.

Hair oil treatment - Use on dry hair before shampoo. Leave on for 5-20 minutes. Rinse or shampoo and condition.

NOTE of Peg-7 Olivate (Olive Oil Ester): you may have heard to avoid ingredients with the word "Peg" in it. This is because because Peg esters usually have been etholylated and have carcinogenic 1,4 dioxin residue. You know us better than that! Our ester are derived from Olive oil and there are NO 1,4 dioxin residues.

Ingredients:90% certified organic cold pressed unrefined extra virgin White Camellia Oil and 10% Peg 7 Olivate (Olive Oil esters).

Price: $49/$20

Size: 100 ml Miron Violet Glass Bottle / Travel Size: 30 ml Miron Violet Glass Bottle



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