Nectar de Pasion from Rosa y Fruta

Néctar de Pasión

From Rosa y Fruta

Feed Your Skin with Love

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     It's been said that the best time to truly feed the skin is at night.  I believe they say because you are relaxed and your skin is primed to heal and take in the nutrients to the fullest. It's also when you have a clean face (no makeup or sunscreen). Rosa y Fruta has created Néctar de Pasión just for this purpose, to 'feed' the skin at night. This luscious serum is like liquid gold, filled with the nectar of Pomegranate and other botanicals known for their superior feeding and repairing properties.

     I LOVE using this serum at night. It's like a treat that I do for myself. It's 'insurance in my complexion, for longevity of my beauty' you might say. It goes on like a lotion, penetrates perfectly, and makes my skin feel baby's bottom smooth and soft. I can't imagine anything feeling as good as this does. Pretty high praises for a night repair serum? You bet! Néctar de Pasión is awesome and if you can't already tell... I recommend it to anyone that wants their skin to be it's very best over the long run as well as tomorrow. Amazing stuff!


Here's what Rosa y Fruta has to say ~

Néctar de Pasión- Night Repair Serum

  Alpha Lipoic Acid, DMAE, and other actives is irritation and redness. Inflammation and irritation can create free radical formation, which is exactly what you want your antioxidants to defend against!
Like you, we want the best skin antioxidant defense, while keeping the skin exceptionally soothed. Over the years, pomegranate extract proves over and over again to give the best results for our clients. Enjoy this incredible nectar!

Some Studies on the amazing skin effects of Pomegranate:

"pomegranate fractions promote proliferation and procollagen synthesis...."Aslam MN, Lansky EP, Varani J. J Ethnopharmacol 2006 Feb;103(3):311-8. In this study they showed how pomegranate seed oil promotes regeneration of epidermis:

KINETIN: a plant derived growth factor that acts as a potent skin antioxidant, squelching free radical. It is Retin-A like in its wrinkle reducing abilities without the side affects. It also retains skin moisture and stimulates collagen.

Stable Vitamin C: most vitamin C added to skin care oxidizes by the time you apply it to the skin. Rosa y Fruta uses a stable form of Vitamin C, which is soothing (no irritation). It is a potent skin antioxidant that squelches free radical formation, and mitigates damaging effects of UV exposure. It is one of the few clinically proven ingredients to boosts collagen production, and helps to clarify and brighten skin to produce a more even skin tone.

Ingredients:Lactobacillus/Kelp Ferment Filtrate, stable Vitamin C, certified organic CO2 extracted Pomegranate Oil, Kintein, organic pomegranate infusion, certified organic cold-pressed extra virgin White Camellia oil, natural glycerin, cetearyl olivate and sorbitan olivate (Olive anti-aging actives), Sodium PCA (natural moisturizing factor found in helathy human skin), Olive Oil unsaponifables/squalene, and certified organic Nilotica Shea Butter.

Price: $65/$26

Size: 30 ml Miron Violet Glass Bottle/10 ml in a 15ml Miron Violet Glass



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