Aromatic Alchemy Perfumes

Aromatic Alchemy Perfumes

From The Scent Atelier

Perfect Tropical Scents - Perfect Balance

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty  

     I have always enjoyed soft, beautiful scents. The difficulty that I found in the past was finding perfumes that I wasn't allergic too. When I found essential oils, a world of opportunity opened up for me. But not everyone has the same talent for blending eo's, and I've found I need to try many to find the few that I enjoy.Alexandra Avery from The Scent Atelier does indeed have the kind of blending talent that I seek! Alexandra grew up in Hawaii. It has instilled a deep love of flowers, botanicals and tropical scents. But beyond that, she's just 'got it' when it comes to finding the perfect blends that make 'music to one's nose' so to speak. Today I want to share a glorious quartet of perfumes that I was treated to recently. They are the 'Aromatic Alchemy Set of Four Natural Perfumes'. I wish that I was able to give you a long description of the floral and herbaceous qualities of each, along with their notes, etc... But in this case I will just give you my feelings about all of them as a group. I think that Alexandra has described them individually below very well. So I'll leave that part to her.

     First of all, I absolutely LOVE each one! They all remind me of a tropical paradise that I don't want to leave! They are like floating on a divine cloud where I feel timeless, alive and incredible. I would wear them when I want a little something extra, like when I go out at night or even when I have a deadline and want to relax, yet get things done. I love anything tropical, so I'm in heaven when I wear these 4 scents. They are both floral and flirtatious, and I'm betting that you'll love them too! These are offered in a very inexpensive trial pack, so if you're on the fence about trying them, don't even think twice about it, just get it! But if you are already a fan of Alexandra Avery and/or tropical natural perfumes... just take the leap and get the full-sized bottles, you won't be sorry! ;-)


Here's what The Scent Atelier has to say ~

Aromatic Alchemy Perfume -Set of Four

   These plant perfumes are worn singly or in combinations to lift your vitality. They correspond to specific elements of Nature and energetic centers or chakras of the body. Each honors the ancient wisdom in the I-Ching, book of changes.

the joyous- awake
A garden harmony of Moroccan rose, Tunisian orange blossoms, jasmine, mimosa, labdanum and sandalwood. The oracle of spring and new beginnings. Uplifting to the head and mind. AIR element.
grace - adore
Lush, sophisticated notes of Indonesian ylang-ylang, Egyptian jasmine, carnation, clove and angelica. This is the oracle of beauty, love and justice. Warming to the heart. WATER element.
the arousing - arouse
A potent aphrodisiac of ambrette seed (vegetable musk), sandalwood, vanilla and frankincense. This oracle of action and strength is worn on women and men to stir personal power. FIRE element.
influence - align
A clean green herbal scent of oak moss, sage, vetiver, violet leaves, sandalwood and patchouli. This oracle of stability and integrity is a favorite on men and women. EARTH element.

Also Available:

Perfume Sampler Perfume Samples
Heighten vitality and sensuality with sample-sized vials of our four perfumes. The sampler is a dram vial of each in a compact. Good to try all 4 perfumes. $5.00

Ingredients:Medicinal grade essential oils in grapeseed alcohol.

Size/Price: Single Perfume: 1/8 oz. engraved bottle and 1 oz. cobalt bottle refill $45.00. Set of 4 (without the refill) $80




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