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Beautifully scented and all-natural

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          Product review by Sharon @ all natural beauty-

     I was lucky enough to hear about this product on our own anb Forum!  I've always been looking for an all-natural deodorant that would have the right ingredients.  I've tried others from natural food stores and they were just so so.  I've found True Aroma's Lavender & Citrus Deodorant to hit the mark when it comes to beautiful scents, as well as having essential oils that do what they are supposed to.

     Lately everyone has been talking about finding Parabens, a synthetic preservative found in many personal care products, in actual tumors of cancer patients.  This should be no surprise when you consider that much of what is placed on the skin is absorbed right into the body.  This is why you are taking a risk every time you use any beauty or grooming product that contains synthetic ingredients.

     You must ask yourself "Why do we produce sweat  in the armpit area?".  Could it be that there is a natural reason for this?  Logically it seems that our body is ridding itself of toxins, which is an important way of keeping the body healthy.  There are major lymph glands in those areas as well, which are associated with  the lymphatic system, one of the systems of toxin removal from the cells.  This is why the idea of stopping the natural flow of toxins sounds like a very bad idea.

     So what is the alternative?  Keep clean, and use a product that 'deodorizes' and 'kills bacteria' rather than stops perspiration.  We've been taught that perspiring is a bad thing.  It's actually a very healthy activity!  Herbal powders can be a nice way to blot perspiration when necessary.  But to feel confident about the scent that comes from you throughout the day, I recommend True Aroma's Lavender & Citrus DeodorantThe scent of this lovely product is so fresh and clean that you'll enjoy using it.  Its essential oils are based on the properties necessary to deodorize and kill bacteria, rather than just mask and stop the healthy flow of perspiration.  This is truly a healthy alternative! 



   Here's what Cosmetics Without Synthetics has to say ~  

     This is a combination of odor fighting essential oils in a pure stick base that will last all day long!

Ingredients: coconut oil, cocoa butter, essential oils of lemon, lemongrass, bergamot, white thyme, lavender, and tea tree, Vitamin E.         

Size - 2.5oz. / Price - $6.95


Here is an article about the link between cosmetics and breast cancer:




Visit : Cosmetics Without Synthetics 


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