fizzing bath bomb

Pumpkin Chai Fizzing Bath Bomb

From WoodSprite Organic Body

All-Natural Bathtime FUN!

Product Spotlight

 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

     Who knew bathing could be so much fun? In the card that came attached to my Fizzing Bath Bomb, it said "Not only are these fizzing bath treats an entertaining way to brighten your bath, but they serve up a healthy dose of pure essential oils for a truly transcendent aromatherapeutic escape, plus skin softening emollient organic oils and healing herbs to nourish your skin - and delight your soul." I could actually just stop this spotlight right here and call it a day since that statement sums up my whole experience. But I won't.

      For one thing, it would be shirking my duties as a reviewer, and for another... I want to go on and on about how much I LOVED WoodSprite Organic Body's Pumpkin Chai Fizzing Bath Bomb! This effervescing ball of delight was amazing! I got into the tub as one person, and I emerged as a new and improved me! This is a 3-in-1 product, it's Scent: FABULOUS! It completely fills the bill as an homage to Autumn and Pumpkin pie. It's Skincare: Adds nutritious oils and botanicals to the water which in turn enriches the skin to make it soft and silky. And it's FUN quotient: This little ball of fizz can either be tossed into the tub to do it's dance or you can do what I did and hold it and play with it in the water as it dissolves into a smaller and smaller circle and ultimately fizzles away. In other words... Very Fun!

     The scent is magical, it's absolutely perfect. It's not overpowering in the least, yet it's nowhere near wimpy either! I felt completely enveloped by it's spicy exciting aroma (which stayed with me even after I had toweled off and got dressed). It's wonderful and I recommend getting this item, especially if you get any of the other items in the Pumpkin Chai Collection. This whole collection is so special. And since it's a limited seasonal array of bath goodies, you'll want to make sure to get them while they're available. You will not be disappointed, I assure you! In fact, get two so that you can gift a friend with the other. This is a gift that will make you look like a superstar! ;-)


Here's what WoodSprite Organic Body has to say ~

Pumpkin Chai Fizzing Bath Bomb -Limited (Autumn) Edition

Pumpkins aren't just great for carving or baking--they also happen to be a wonderfully rich source of potassium, zinc, alpha hydroxy-acids and enzymes, not to mention free-radical busting antioxidants like beta carotene and Vitamins A, C and E. Combining organic pumpkin powder with beneficial fatty acids in soothing pumpkin seed oil, the result is a super nourishing, smells-good-enough-to-eat, bubbling treat for your bath!

Each of our hand-pressed Bath Bombs are a generous 2.5" in diameter, and come packaged in biodegradable clear cello bags with hand-tied recycled paper tag.

To Use: Just drop bomb into a full bath and enjoy as the effervescent bubbles release organic botanicals and minerals, as well as a soothing aroma. Soak, relax and renew! Also makes a great foot soak!

Ingredients:Baking Soda, Citric Acid, Sea Salt, *Organic Pumpkin Pulp, *Organic Cornstarch, *Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil, Pure Essential Oils of Cardamom, Clove, Anise, Ginger, Cassia, Nutmeg, Allspice & Vanilla Oleoresin; *Organic Cinnamon, Vitamin C. (*Certified Organic)

Size/Price: 7 oz  / $10


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