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                    Dental hygiene... boring subject?  Not in this case.  Evan's Garden has replaced the mundane everyday experience of taking care of the mouth an experience worth looking forward to.  They have created a trio of products that are completely all-natural, and very effective.  Rather than using the typical white paste that comes out of a squeezed tube, we are offered "Tooth & Gum Powder".  This is a brown powder that gives the teeth a mild "scrub" experience while the herbal extracts, like white oak bark powder, help to provide what the teeth and gums need to remain healthy.  What you do is pour a small amount of the powdered substance into the clean palm of your hand.  Dip your dampened toothbrush into it and apply and brush your teeth.

     You'll want to follow the brushing step with their "Tooth & Gum Rinse".  This is an all-natural mouth rinse that tastes good, rather than harsh and overpowering like others that you may have tried.  But the results speak for themselves.  The mouth feels clean and refreshed.  This would be a nice thing to carry with you during the day for good dental hygiene. 

     Finally, Evan's Garden brings you their "Mint Breath Spray".  Just as the name implies, you will get the taste of lively Mint as you spray this breath freshener into your mouth.  Again, just like the other two products, it's not overpowering or un-natural tasting, just effective and of course...all-natural.

     Together, these three items are a must-have to have nice white teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath.  And did I mention... they're all-natural!


Here's what Evan's Garden has to say ~

    "Tooth & Gum Powder is the first product we made and still one of our very most popular.  Formulated with plant ingredients known for bringing effective results, its main ingredient is white oak bark powder.  This is the herb which famed Master Herbalist, Dr. John Christopher, suggested to his students as a remedy for dental and gum situations.

     Our powder takes the place of toothpaste.  And it is very easy to use.  Back when I was a youngin' on the farm (okay, all right, not exactly on a farm), tooth powders were common.  You dispensed a bit into the palm of your hand, picked the powder up with a wet toothbrush and had at it.  That's what you do with ours.  Now, you needn't use much.  Unless you want or feel you need to.  Our one-ounce bottle lasts the three of us about 6 weeks.

     The benefits of a wholly natural dental care product are many.  First, we use none of the chemicals so common in ordinary dentifrices.  Some of those chemicals are toxic or irritating and can cause serious problems.  Second, the trace minerals, herbs and other good things are very helpful.  Your teeth and gums will be thanking you every day!"

We have a whole page on our web site filled with happy customer reports. Click here to see them

Tooth and Gum Powder
Our Tooth & Gum Powder makes brushing effective and pleasurable. It does not contain sugars or toxic sweeteners such as aspartame. There is no deadly poison (fluoride), no engine degreaser (sodium lauryl sulfate or sodium laureth sulfate) or anti-freeze (propylene glycol). No artificial anything (as in colors or flavors), no filler (100% active ingredients), in other words there aren't any non-helpful ingredients whatsoever. What it does contain are the herbal ingredients known to help the teeth and gums and keep the mouth clean and fresh. With essential oils of Myrrh, Tea Tree, Ravensara Aromatica, Niaouli, Wild Oregano, Olive Leaf Extract and others, Tooth and Gum Powder is anti-fungal, antiseptic, deodorant, antibacterial -- this powder doesn’t just taste clean and fresh, it truly is! Very concentrated.

1 oz. for $17.50

Tooth and Gum Rinse
Try Tooth & Gum Rinse for a very clean mouth and fresh breath. Essential oils, neem oil and olive leaf extract make our rinse so effective and refreshing. Use after brushing with Tooth & Gum Powder and take some with you for times when you can't brush.

8 oz. for $14.50

NEW! Mint Breath Spray
With olive leaf and neem leaf extracts, mint and other refreshing plant essences, our breath freshener is also terrific for dental hygiene. In a convenient plastic spray bottle for carrying along.

1 oz. for $4.00


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