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      If I had to sum this book up into one sentence, it would be... Aromatherapy And You is packed with natural beauty facts and fun, with a tropical twist.  But it's so much more than that.  Whether you are a novice or an expert when it comes to natural beauty and aromatherapy, you will love this book. 

     It begins by explaining the history of aromatherapy in a very interesting way.  Since aromatherapy has been around for over a hundred thousand years, this is no small task!  You'll learn about the legend and lore of some of the most notable users of aromatherapy throughout the ages.  You really get a sense of how timeless using plant properties is, and the importance and power that can be achieved through their use.

     Ms. Avery then goes on to speak to the issues of using the not-natural beauty products that are typically used today.  You'll learn about the risks of using harmful chemicals, common animal cruelty practices used by product manufacturers, and the importance of being environmentally responsible.  These are all facts that have been well researched and documented here.  These are issues that won't go away on their own.  We all need to educate ourselves, so that we'll have a greater understanding of what is going on in our world.  Once we know, we need to make choices based on this information.  And by sharing it with those that we love, we can have an even greater impact on making positive changes for the good of many.

     This book contains a lot of great information on basic skin care for every skin type.  You'll learn about skin anatomy, the workings of the skin, and ways to properly treat it by using all-natural beauty products (of course).  You'll get advice on which essential oils to use for which types of skin, and tips on how to use them to get certain results.  Every step of the home facial is explained including what is referred to as "Facial Exercises : A Non-Surgical Face Lift".  You'll even learn about acupuncture can do for facial toning.  You'll learn about supplementing your diet to improve your skin, what the sun can do to your skin, and finally... a very interesting chapter on creative visualization for the skin. Who knew that skin care could be so fun?

     But we're not done yet.  After you've learned the nuts and bolts about aromatherapy and skin care, this beautiful book ends with what we all live for... The At Home Spa, ahhhh, just the words make me feel better.  This is a chapter that is filled with scentsational recipes for you to whip up at home in the privacy of your own little world.  How about a Mermaids/Mermen Mask?  She also has another type of seaweed masque made from sheets of Nori (usually used in the making of sushi rolls).  You'll also find Aphrodite's Bath Oil, Cleopatra's Bath, Tropical Tradewinds Body Powder, Rose Moisturizing Powder, deodorants, blush, shaving cream, cleansing cream, and the list goes on.  There are also recipes for natural perfumes.  You'll even learn how to make your own flower essences.  There's a page of fun things to do with essential oils, and then the book ends with "Alexandra's Essential Apothecary".  This is Alexandra's top picks for essential oils that will work for many different needs.

     This is a subject that is very interesting to me, but many times, books on aromatherapy can be a bit scientific and dry.  I really enjoy this book because it is written in a very personal style, with anecdotes and first-hand experiences.  I also enjoy the fact that it comes from a tropical place, Hawaii.  I personally love  Gardenia, Jasmine, and Plumeria flowers.  And as I read about their scents, it takes me to a lovely tropical place.  Ms. Avery has a beautiful way of writing, about a very beautiful subject.  I highly recommend this  book to someone that enjoys aromatherapy, and equally to those that don't know anything about the subject.  It's eye-opening light reading, with depth and soul.


Here's what Blue Heron Hill Press has to say ~

    "Take your senses on an aromatic adventure with this manual for fun and essential facts about natural skin care. Alexandra Avery brings her years of experience and research to your home: You will learn how plants can preserve your skin and health, natural massage techniques to tone and rejuvenate your skin, how to personalize products and treatments for your individual skin type, and how to give yourself and your friends Alexandra's Aromatherapy facial and acupressure face lift. Create your own at home spa with Alexandra's easy to make health and beauty treatments."

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