What are some Good Products/Homemade Recipes for Shiny Hair?

Robyn Atticks

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"What are some good products/homemade recipes for shiny hair?"
- Taylor
Dear Taylor,
Shiny hair is the result of many things.

It can be the result of overworking the hair with hot tools, such as a straightening iron or it can be the result of using products that contain harsh chemicals that can dry out your hair, like alcohol and sodium lauryl sulfates, just to name two. Many people complain that they need to find a product that is more moisturizing, but really all that they are doing is masking the problem. When people stop using haircare products that contain ingredients that are harmful to their hair, and replace them with products that are 100% healthy, they see instant results!

Another reason may be a person’s diet. Make sure that your diet is fortified with essential fatty acids (EFAs). Deficiencies of EFAs are surprisingly very common in affluent countries, due to the typical diet of processed foods, refined sugars and flours, and refined fats. Our bodies need plant sources of essential fats likes Omega-3s and Omega-6s in order to function properly. These fats can be found in foods like flaxseeds, hemp seeds, leafy greens, raw pumpkin seeds, raw sunflower seeds, raw walnuts, olives, sprouts, and all cold-pressed vegetable oils. Including more of these foods in your daily diet will allow your hair to receive all the healthy nutrients it needs to shine with radiant health.

Also, when people try to add shine to their hair, many times the products they use contain silicones or waxes. These add instant shine, but over time build up and cause the hair to become even duller.

I recommend the following to achieve beautiful shiny hair.
First, start off with an apple cider vinegar rinse by doing the following:   
Combine 1-cup sea salt, 1-cup apple cider vinegar and 2-cups sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) and wash your hair with it a few times. Follow this by using an all-natural clarifying shampoo. This will ensure that all the build up on your hair is gone.
Finish by using a shampoo and conditioner that is protein fortified. This will result in great improvement to dull hair. 88% of our hair is protein, so it stands to reason that a protein-rich shampoo/conditioner would help rebuild a lack of proper protein in our hair. (All Shear Miracle Organics Shampoos are rich in hemp oil protein, perfect for shiny hair.)

Once your hair is prepped and cleansed of any unnatural build up, then you can start with an ultra-moisturizing shampoo. None of Shear Miracle Organics hair products contain any harmful ingredients that can strip your hair of its natural protectants, so really any of them would be a great choice!

An extra softening conditioner used daily (or as often as you shampoo) is also necessary.
Moisturizing oils are vital when it comes to treating dull hair. One of my favorites secrets is meadowfoam seed oil, which is rich in vitamin C, moisturizes, rejuvenates and provides a protective barrier for the hair as the hemp oil protein repairs it. These two ingredients are important for transforming damaged hair follicles – a godsend for fried tresses.
A light leave-in conditioner will provide some extra protection, adding moisture all day long.

Thermal protection is a must for just about any style, so make sure before using a blow dryer, curling iron or straightening iron, you use a product, like Achieve Finishing Lotion to protect your hair.

Last, but certainly not least, make a trip to your local organic salon for a color prescription. You will be amazed at how a rich beautiful ammonia free, non-damaging color treatment can add shine to your hair. Whatever you do, don’t try taking matters into your own hands which can leave you with less than desirable results both in color and the damage it can cause.

I hope the homemade detox recipe & product recommendations help! I’d love to hear your results!
~ Robyn
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