Robyn Atticks

Robyn Atticks

Shear Miracles

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Welcome to our Personality Spotlight, Robyn. It's wonderful to get a chance to know you better. Please share your background with us.

     I was born & raised in Lancaster County, PA into a wonderful, creative family. My Mom has been a hair stylist for as long as I can remember. My Dad loves to work with wood and redesign rooms in the house. I have one very talented sister who is great at photography, decorating & anything crafty. My family has always been a close knit family & we even get together weekly with my Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles, and cousins for lunch and to spend time together. My husband, Don and I, have the blessing of four children, Kelsi, who is almost 19 years old, David, who is 4, Amara, who is 16 months old, and Mirium, who is 15 months old. We work together from home. I always knew from my Mom's love of the styling world, that I wanted to be a stylist, too. So, I went to beauty school as soon as I could. Immediately, I went on to further my education as a Hair Design Teacher. I then started working at a high scale salon as an assistant, learning all I could from the seasoned stylists there. Moving on after a year or so to another salon, I had the privilege of being trained as a "color specialist" & also working with a Hair Performing Artist who traveled, teaching stylists the how-tos of hair cutting. This set the stage perfectly for what I do now, which is working with my husband to provide our professional line of 100% organic products, Shear Miracles, to use in training & teaching salon owners, stylists & clients to replace harmful chemicals in favor of using only those products that are beneficial.


I understand that your mother is a hair designer like you. Did this influence you to get into the beauty business?

     As I said earlier, my Mom has always loved the hair industry. I can remember watching my Mom do hair in the salon, talking & building relationships with her clients and seeing the joy she had at making people feel & look beautiful. I also loved that fact that my sister & I could get our hair done whenever we wanted and I determined early on that I wanted that same privilege for my family.

     I now own my own salon, called Shear Miracles Organic Salon. Home is truly where my heart is and it is great being able to work out of my home without the nasty smells or harmful effects of traditional salon chemicals.. Everything I use or sell, from hair color to perms to shampoos to styling aids to make-up to even baby & pet care, is 100% organic. All Shear Miracles Organic Products are "so pure you can actually eat them"!
I love being able to transform & enhance my customers' image using products that promote beauty & health instead of the products that I had to use in the past, which I now know actually harmed them.


You have an awesome line of organic hair and skin care products, Shear Miracles. What inspired you to create this line?

     Upon the realization that up to 60% of whatever is put onto the skin gets absorbed directly into my clients (& my) bloodstream, I sought an alternative to the harsh chemicals that are found in almost EVERY beauty product on the market. I searched long & hard to no avail. I knew this was a needed dimension in the professional beauty world. We were supposed to be leading the way to beauty & I knew that way was by creating a line of salon exclusive, hair, skin & body care that used only ingredients that were healthy & even beneficial to the people who were using them. Through Providence, I met my formulator, who had a similar vision & thus Shear Miracles Organic Products was born.


Your line is continuously growing and improving. What is the process for how you come up with the products that you do?

     At first, we created the basics that a salon would need to do every sort of customer that we would get. That included shampoos & conditioners, gels & hairsprays. Now, we create products based upon customer requests. I ask my formulator to create a product. I tell him what the product will be used for, how it needs to feel in the hands & on the hair, what the end result must be & the pH & he works his magic. I then get a sample to test.. We test on clients- never on animals!!! Sometimes a products can go through 25 tests & tweeks before it becomes the finalized product that is sold to customers & salons.


What standards do you adhere to in the manufacturing and formulating of your products?

      We only use ingredients that are either 100% certified organic, organic or wildcrafted, harvested in an ethical manner & are completely active & beneficial to promoting health & beauty.
We donate a portion of our profits to assist non-profit organizations for the betterment of humanity, our planet & animals.


I know first hand that you also use an outstanding line of coloring products in your hair salon business (my own hair looks and feels gorgeous thanks to you!). Please share more about this incredible line made for beauty professionals.

      Salons need a product to color their clients' hair. My philosophy behind this was to find a hair color line that gave beautiful professional results in the healthiest possible way. After researching many, many lines, and finding that they still used many harsh chemicals like ammonia or ammonia substitutes, or that they gave results that were less than to be desired, I found the line that I currently use and love! Besides the fact that this line doesn't use ammonia or ammonia substitutes and that it smells fabulous, it makes the hair feel soft, shiny, healthy, and is virtually damage free. I was thrilled when the company asked me to be a representative and educator for this organic line of color. Now I travel the country teaching and training salons to use organic color and Shear Miracles Organic Products. In fact, we currently have a program that encourages salons that make the commitment to go organic all the way. These salons have our Shear Miracles Vision Salon status & get many extra incentives. If your salon does not currently use Shear Miracles Organic Products or Organic Color, you can help spread the word by sending them to our website- or you can call & request that we send them a free salon packet of information - 888-223-7986


What are the most popular products in the Shear Miracles line as well as your personal favorites?

      We are excited that Shear Miracles Organic Products have gotten much recognition in the few years that they have been on market. Some of the most popular products have actually won awards!! Calming Organic Shampoo & Conditioner, made with lime & chamomile for normal hair Baby Miracles Organic Baby Body Wash & Shampoo have recently won the Beauty With a Conscience Award


You are one of the busiest and most dedicated business owners that I've ever met. But even you must take a break now and then. What do you do for fun and relaxation?

      Family to me is everything. In my “spare time”, I love being with them. Making organic meals for my family is important to me, too. I am so fortunate that I have a large extended family that lives locally and I look forward to every Tuesday when we get together and eat lunch and just spend time with grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and all of their children. In fact, the reason I named our business Shear Miracles is because I want to be a “shear miracle” in the lives of children and I spend all of my time pursuing that goal.



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