Is there a safer option for coloring my hair?

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I've been coloring my hair for years, sometimes at home and sometimes at the salon I go to. I understand that hair coloring can be toxic and I want to go a more healthy way if possible. Can you tell me what my options are please? I understand that henna is not good for blond hair. My hair is medium blond.
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Dear V.P.,

What a great question & one that I am excited to answer! You are certainly correct that the chemicals that are found in almost all hair color on the market, whether for home use or for professional salons, contain some of the harshest, unhealthy ingredients one can imagine. Ammonia, chlorine bleach, ppds & industrial grade hydrogen peroxide are just a few. A simple google search on the effects of these chemicals to the body can be enough to make anyone want to avoid the salon altogether. The lack of knowledge & understanding that exists in the hair styling profession about the processes & treatments that are used on a daily basis on a client's hair is scary! There used to be no choice, besides avoiding coloring your hair altogether.

The good news is that we have come a long way! Education is the key & many stylists & clients are going back to the basics of nature to enhance their beauty. As a professional stylist & an owner of one of the first 100% pure haircare lines, finding a way to color my clients' hair has been essential. I have found, albeit a professional only color line, that is non-toxic. It uses heat, oils & pharmaceutical hydrogen peroxide & has the lowest amount of ppds, essential for permanent covering of grey hair.

As for your options, your professional stylist can receive a free packet of information via my website here:

Most professional hairstylists will not recommend henna. First of all, henna is unpredictable & can leave you with undesired results. It coats the hair, which is hard to remove, thus making future changes in color tough.

Henna actually only contains one molecule that will stain the hair & this is a red-orange molecule (& how many people really want red-orange hair?). Henna, without being combined with other things, cannot come in any other color. So, this means that if a company is offering many color choices with 100% henna, you can be guarenteed to find some hidden ingreidents like, additional plant dyes, chemcials, metallic salts, para-phenlendmine, etc.



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