What Suggestion do You have for Psoriasis?

Robyn Atticks

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What suggestion do u have for psoriasis, hair dresser told me scalp is really white. yes it is and itches all the time. if i put oils on it then my hair gets oily an limp. what product can i use to make my scalp not so dry and help with the psoriasis?

- Vicki

Dear Vicki,

Psoriasis can be very uncomfortable & irritating. Iching & burning are often associated with psoriasis, as well as flaking. This makes it hard not to scratch the affected scalp to try to get some relief. This can often cause redness & wounds.  Taking a holistic approach to psoriasis is important. It is helpful to understand the causes & what it is before actually trying to correct it.

Normally, skin cells are renewed every 30 days. When a person has psoriasis, their skin cells renew extremely quickly & this causes them to dry out as they reach the surface layers of the skin. Psoriasis is thought to be caused by a weakened immune system, normally caused by stress, abnormal hormones, or other conditions. Psoriasis is usually hereditary & is not contagious.

A home remedey that often helps soothe the burning & itching sensation is to rinse the hair & scalp with cool water & apple cider vinegar.  You can also rinse the scalp with ice cold chammomile tea. 

You may be wondering at this point how to rid yourself of psoriasis. Although there are no guarantees of this, elmininating harmful elements like chlorine in your water, ammonia (& other harmful ingredients)  from your hair coloring system, alcohol from your styling products, sulfates from your shampoos, etc. will help tremendously. Seek out a shower filter like this one, http://www.equinox-products.com/EquinoxEQ-40ShowerWaterFiltrationSystem.htm , that elminates most of the chlorine from your water. Look for a salon that cares about your beauty & your health or encourage your salon/stylist to "Go Organic". Find salons in your area here: http://www.shearmiraclesorganichaircare.com/content/salons And use products that not only do not have harmful ingredients, like sulfates, but actually have ingredients that are chosen for the health of your hair & scalp. Three of these ingredients are:

Lavender Oil - Helps to heal burning & itching skin due to its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory & antiseptic qualities. It reduces dry scaly skin patches, thus reducing pain. Also known to reduce the effects of stress & anxiety, causing a relaxed feeling.

Tea Tree Oil - Antiseptic & anti fungal, this oil may help to fight infections & skin problems, while its anesthetic qualities help soothe the irritation often caused by psoriasis. It is also very moisturizing.

Rosemary Oil - May help reduce stress & aids in toning irritated skin & alleviates flakiness by moisturizing dry skin.

You can add these essential oils to a sulfate free shampoo & conditioner yourself every time you cleanse your hair. We recommend The Right Stuff Shampoo & Conditioner for a Healthy Scalp by Shear Miracle Organics. Every ingredient, all 100% organic or wildcrafted, has been specifically chosen for the health & condition of your hair & scalp.

Reducing your stress, as able. Try to think of ways to simplify your life & apply them. Treat yourself to regular body massages. Before you start your day, have a time of reflection on the blessings you have & develop thankfulness as a way of life.

Try these for a while, & see if you don't see a big difference in your psoriasis. Good luck & thank you for your question!

- Robyn


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