Which is the Best Option for Coloring My Hair?

Robyn Atticks

Personality Spotlight


"I was wondering about natural hair coloring.  I would love to darken my hair a bit but i have heard good and bad things about henna dyes.  can you help.  or do you know a good product.  
thank you"

Dear Linnea,

As a professional hair colorist that lives a holistic lifestyle, and as the founder & owner of Shear Miracle Organics, my philosophy has been this: To use the purest products possible with the most professional results. Since you specifically asked about Henna, you can see my personal thoughts here from a previous question:

Of course, not coloring your hair is the healthiest option. But in today's world where over 85% of women get their hair colored, it's nice to have the purest options available that give optimal results.

Our company uses and highly recommends using a professional salon only hair coloring product that minimizes the use of questionable ingredients, preferably 100% ammonia-free and that maintains the hair's essential moisture and protein levels, so the hair is not damaged by the coloring process.

Hope this helps!

- Robyn

See my recommendations of salons that uses a non-toxic hair color here

Please send your hair stylist here to learn more about the hair color that I recommend using


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