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 Product review by Sharon of all natural beauty

When it comes to beauty products for men, what makes them good or bad?First of all, let's call them 'grooming aids', since men don't want to be thought of as being 'beautiful'. But second, they are generally about the 'convenience' and the 'visceral qualities' that the product provides. This month we are spotlighting another fabulous product from Shear Miracle Organics. It happens to be part of their Pure & Simple line for men. I took their Shampoo Shower Gel Combo to my resident male, my husband. We'll call him 'Mr. All Natural' since this is his second review and he's slowly becoming somewhat of an authority on all-natural products since he's been surrounded by them for over a decade now. Actually he gives me his review and I write it, but you know what I mean.

Being that this is one product that does the work of two puts this right up Mr. All Natural's alley. Even before I met him he was buying these 2-in-1 and even 3-in-1 products. Actually, I'm not crazy about the type of products that he was choosing, as he was buying them from the grocery store, and they had about 30 different ingredients, (none of which were natural). I'm happy to say that over the years I've been able to turn his grooming around into something much healthier. At first it was due to my chemical sensitivities. But slowly he's seen the light and realizes that tolerating harsh chemicals daily is not a macho thing, it's just plain clueless!

So as far as the 'convenience' factor goes, Mr. All Natural gives Shampoo Shower Gel Combo a big thumbs up. But I'm thrilled to say that the other part he has thoroughly been enjoying is the all-important 'scent'. This is no small feat, as Mr. All Natural feels that he is an aficionado in this area. He actually does have a pretty good sense of smell, as there have been many times when he can smell something that I can't. But more than that, scent is very important to him (that 'visceral' thing again). Shampoo Shower Gel Combo has a very masculine aroma of Sandalwood mixed with other herbs and botanicals. In fact I just smelled his hair a little while ago, and after a long day, it still smells very nice! Just like the Irish Spring commercial says, "I like it too!". So this product passed the test easily. If it's good enough for Mr. All Natural, I think your man will love it too!


Here's what Shear Miracle Organics has to say ~

Shampoo Shower Gel Combo -From the Pure & Simple line for Men

Made especially for men (but women love it, too!) - This fresh, clean organic shower gel is rich in fatty essential acids and not only cleanses, softens & moisturizes the skin but also leaves you feeling silky clean & smelling fabulous.

Ingredients:Certified organic aloe vera; distilled water; olive oil; organic coconut oil; palm oil; organic African black soap; castor oil; avocado oil; organic shea butter; organic oils of: jojoba; grapeseed; apricot & evening primrose; vegetable glycerin; hempseed oil; extracts of organic peppermint, wild-crafted yucca; wild-crafted horsetail, organic nettle and organic melissa; certified organic plant source xanthan gum; vitamin E; essential oil of: sandalwood

Size/Price:8 oz Bottle / $19.99


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