What Product could I Use use for Dry Thick Hair that Tangles at the Ends?

Robyn Atticks

Personality Spotlight


"Wondering what would be a product that I could use for dry thick hair that tangles at the ends?"

Dear Allison,

When I read your question, the first thing that comes to my mind is, I wonder why your hair is dry.  Thick hair doesn’t automatically mean dry hair. Saying a person has “thick” hair refers to the density of hair, or how many hairs there are per square inch. An average person, for example, has 2,200 hairs per sq. inch on their head.  A person could have course, thick hair. This refers to the texture of the hair strand itself. Course hair has an additional inner layer, plus many more cuticle layers, that surround and protect it causing the hair to feel textured rather than smooth. Often times, people can confuse this “rough” feeling with dryness.

If in fact, if the hair is dry, it will have a much lower moisture content than normal hair has. Hair can be dry whether it is thick or fine.  Sometimes a person’s body doesn’t produce enough sebum, or oil. These natural oils protect the hair by coating the strand, keeping the hair from losing its moisture content. Dry hair can also be caused from using appliances with heat. Avoid using these appliances on your hair every day. When you have to use an appliance, use a product made with ingredients that are specifically chosen to protect the hair, such as Achieve Finishing Lotion. Really read the ingredients and be aware of what those ingredients can do to your hair.

The cause of dry hair most often is use of hair products that contain ingredients that suck the moisture out of the hair. Avoid using products that contain ANY form of alcohol and stay clear of using shampoos with harsh detergents, like sodium lauryl sulfate.  Don’t wash your hair everyday unless you are using a product that contains only healthy ingredients. Just think about this with me. A person shampoos, conditions, uses a styling aid (that stays in the hair long term) and possibly hairspray. Most of the time, every one of these products contains harmful, drying ingredients.  What would happen if these products contained ONLY healthy, moisturizing ingredients? This is what we did with our product line, Shear Miracle Organics.

How do you remedy thick, dry hair that gets tangled easily at the ends? First, start with a trim. Ask your stylist to take off all the dried, “dead” ends. Next, throw away all the products that you are currently using that contain any ingredients that do not specifically help your hair and replace them with products that do. When you shampoo, condition every time. Before blow-drying, try using a leave-in conditioner before using a styling aid. And finally, as an extra special treat for your hair, leave a conditioner in overnight a few times a month.

Hope this helps! 


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