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We've created the all natural beauty forum as a sanctuary for those that are interested in the facts regarding natural beauty products and services.  Our natural beauty forum is a place for like-minded individuals to get together on-line and discuss beauty that is healing rather than harming.  Trends in beauty and fashion come and go.  Our good health is something that we want to hold onto.  To do that, we need to learn all that we can about what constitutes a truly natural beauty product.  In other words... knowledge is power.  Many companies are willing and eager to take our money for their so-called "natural" products, which are nothing more than a few specks of natural this or that.

  We intend on promoting companies that reveal their all-natural ingredients with pride.  We want to discuss the difference between what is natural, and what appears to be natural.  We want to share natural beauty recipes and ideas together.  We want to break away from being led to the slaughter by the companies that don't really care about us... by learning the truth.



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