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Berkely, California

   About:  Grateful Body:

Our Mission
Since 1998, Grateful Body's mission has been to bring you 100% natural skin care that is nourishing, effective and luxurious while supporting the health of your skin, your body, and your planet.

Our Dream
Why not dream big? We dream of the day when all skin care products improve the long-term health of the skin as well as its immediate appearance; the day when the body care industry supports organic agriculture instead of the chemical industry. We dream of people everywhere being nurtured every day by coming "face-to-face with nature" thanks to healthy botanical body care.

Our Motivation: Health AND Beauty
We want to contribute to the health as well as the beauty of humanity. Grateful Body is a family business that began for very personal reasons. Our founder and formulator, lost two sisters to cancer before he was out of college. This shock was big enough that he began examining common lifestyle choices and the substances that we (women especially) expose our bodies to, in order to understand why this disease is becoming more and more prevalent. He also studied the medical understanding of older cultures, including traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic and Native American healing, all of which supported his desire to share the powerful benefits of vital plants that are used properly and respectfully.

We want you to have beautiful skin. Grateful body is here to help you achieve your most radiant complexion, naturally and authentically. You don't have to choose between safe products and skin care that really works -- all you need to do is choose your favorite products!

How we make our Products:
In order to provide you with sublimely effective products, it's absolutely essential that we begin with the highest quality raw botanicals. We collect our fresh plant oils and our organic and ethically wildcrafted herbs from a handful of trusted suppliers and local farmers. Through much testing, investigation and observation, we have developed both an emulsifying system and a fully efficacious preservative system that use only food-grade ingredients. This is how we create such luxuriously creamy cleansers and moisturizers without the use of chemicals.

Grateful Body's Classic products, Pure & Simple™ Bases, and Custom Blend Boosters are all blended by hand in artisan-sized batches. We use a very low-tech approach: absolutely no exposure to high heat, chemicals, or any other factors that might compromise the value and effectiveness of our creations. We rely on time-honored methods for our botanical infusions -- some of the herbal tinctures steep for several months! This allows the powerful, healing essence of the plants to be fully infused into the liquid. Our pure, potent hydrosols (aqueous distillations of selected organic plants) are obtained only from experts in the traditional steam distilling process. For our super-concentrated extractions, we use a special process that uses repeated waves of high pressure to rhythmically pull the essence from the plant material. From start to finish, Grateful Body products are artfully created by the Grateful Body team to bring you the freshest, most effective natural skin care your skin has ever known.

From our choice of ingredients (vital botanicals) and suppliers (local when possible) to our high purity standards and our recyclable packaging, we strive to do all we can to support the environment. Grateful Body is proud to be one of the feature destinations of the East Bay Green Tours here in the San Francisco Bay Area, "the nation's environmental epicenter."

in gratitude,
The Grateful Body Team

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Grand Prize - All-Natural Skin Care from Grateful Body! ... The winner will receive the following 4 fabulous items valued at $174.00!

You'll receive:

TLC [Tender Loving Care]
(1 oz Bottle/ $48.00)
The ultimate beauty serum for sensitive skin—full of beneficial
nutrients to heal and strengthen. Our extra-gentle formula, containing
many curative botanicals including lady’s mantle, solomon’s seal,
helichrysum, and una de gato helps resolve many frustrating
symptoms of reactive, overly-sensitive skin.
Unscented.vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO
packed in violet glass to enhance potency


Affirming Gel
(1 oz Bottle/ $52.00)
The revivifying potency of our magically nutrient-rich Seed & Seaweed
Gel Fusion gently imparts an instant facelift!
Our Affirming Gel is so uniquely versatile that it lifts, firms,
brightens and refines, improving your overall complexion.
Good for bags under the eyes and also a great make-up primer.
How to use this product:
For face, eyes, neck and décolleté! Be creative - our “UnMask” is
comfortable for daytime or overnight. It feels so good you don’t need to
wash it off. Only 2 or 3 drops are needed to spread on desired areas - a
tiny bit goes a long way! Use together with your moisturizer if you


Hydrating Cleanse
(4 oz Bottle/ $26.00)
For dry skin  (also useful for normal & mature skin)
vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO
A rich and creamy Cleanser that leaves skin soft and comfortable, never
tight or dry. Thoroughly hydrating botanicals including shea butter,
marshmallow and flaxseed provide a satisfying moisturizing experience
while you cleanse.
Keeps skin fresh and clear by gently removing surface impurities
Each luxurious, creamy Grateful Body Cleanser gently but effectively
removes dirt, oil, pollution, make-up and other residues from your skin.
Never harsh or drying, they will not strip the skin or disrupt the
skin’s natural protective barrier. Made from safe, whole-food grade
ingredients - always free from detergents, fragrances, soap, alcohol,
foaming agents and sulfates - you’ll feel the difference.
How to use this product:
Apply to wet skin - Massage gently for a minute or so to improve circulation, skin function,
and skin tone. Use a relaxed circular motion in a way that feels right and comfortable! Rinse.


Aphrodite's Feast
(1 oz/ $48.00)
For all skin types
vegan, gluten-free, cruelty-free, non-GMO,
packed in violet glass to enhance potency
1 fl oz, 30 ml
How to use this product:
After cleansing and misting the skin with your favorite Grateful Body
products, apply a small amount of
this Restorative serum prior to your moisturizer. You can also mix a
drop or two with your moisturizer.
Use day and/or night.


Grateful Body


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  Official Contest Rules:

Entrants must reside in the US. Each entrant may enter the contest according to one of the 6 ways listed above and can receive up to 3 chances by choosing 3 of the options above. The drawing will end on January 31, 2013 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. The winner will be notified either by email or through their Facebook account and will be given up to 3 days to respond. If the winner does not respond by the end of the third day, another name will be drawn. The winner must give us their name (initials are allowed), city, and state and this information will be listed on our websites and Facebook page. Any comments added to our Facebook Page by entrants in this giveaway may be used in future advertising for the All Natural Beauty Website and Mall by us at our discretion (we will not use your full name (first & last name) without your prior written permission). Each entrant is allowed to win up to 2 times per calendar year. By entering our giveaway you are agreeing to these terms.




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