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 Prize provided by:

Rosa y Fruta
Rosa y Fruta skin care is exotic luxury, simplicity, and purity, with a twist of the extraordinary! We expertly formulate rare organic ingredients with highly advanced natural anti-aging actives.


Oceana Naturals
Our mission is to reveal, expose, enlighten, offer uncompromisingly safe, healthy, effective, and protective chemical free skin care, and give some of every purchase to unique non-profits that enable others to live a better quality of life.



Dropwise Essentials
We’re fanatics about using safe, high quality all-natural ingredients in all of our formulations. We use primarily certified organic and raw or minimally processed plant-based ingredients to create fabulous products that are as close to nature as you can get.


Shear Miracle Organics
Shear Miracles hair, skin & body care product line. THE purest organic, preservative & 100% chemical free beauty product line on the market today! Available for salon professionals as well as for the smart consumer.


Artisan Naturals
Artisan Naturals Luxury Skin and Body Care's customer service goal is simple: We are committed to providing our customers total satisfaction. Our ingredients are carefully selected and are the finest quality available.


Aura Sensory
Experience a totally wholesome, natural and very effective source of beauty and personal body and hair care.


We believe in beauty care that is high quality and truly healthy. That's why all of our products are 100% natural.



Monave Mineral Cosmetics
Monave Mineral Makeup products, gluten free, include a wide array of shades for all complexions, lifestyles, and coverage needs.



Grateful Body
Skincare that strengthens your skin!



Dawn to Dusk Botanicals

Dawn to Dusk Botanicals
Nature Inspired Perfumery. We have a wide selection of artisan perfume oils. We also offer custom blends.


Evan's Garden
We handcraft our natural skin care, wellness, body care and beauty products in small, fresh batches. It's an old-fashioned approach that no amount of modernization can duplicate.



Earth Alkemie
We combine scientific botanical knowledge with the beliefs and traditional knowledge of different cultures, aromatherapy, alchemy, and herbalism to provide our customers with the best in truly natural, eco-friendly skin, hair, & body care, and mineral makeup.


Grand Prize - 7 All-Natural Beauty Products from 6 different ANB Mall Stores! The winner will receive the following items valued at $116.97!

Grand Prize includes:

Monave Mineral Cosmetics
‘ANB Tigress’ Illuminizer Blush

(7ml / 12.00)
This color is exclusive to ANB. From dusty rose to deep mauve, our blushes will brighten up your cheeks in a soft, natural way. Monave blushes are made from a silky, sheer formula that's easily blendable and long-wearing. These are pure pigment and can be used on the nails and lips as well.

'Petal Pink' Lip Glaze
(10gr / $13.50)
Looking for silky, natural color for your pout? Monave Liquid Gloss glides delicate hues from champagne to mocha on your lips with a soft sponge applicator. A light, non-sticky silken formula conditions lips to keep them soft and supple, and the color stays put. Sexy, platinum packaging is perfect for your purse or pocket.

SharAmbrosia® All Natural Spa Store
HairAmbrosia Treatment

( 8oz/ $24.00)
... is an all-natural herbal beauty treatment for your hair. It's unique powder formulation is ready to be blended with your favorite hydrosol or simply water to create a hair masque treatment. Your hair will be soft and silky after just one use!

Grateful Body
Midnight Oil Body Oil

(4oz Bottle / $22.00)
This incomparably nourishing Midnight Oil is a blend of the most pure, transcendent plant oils that contributes to silky, healthy skin while providing a comforting antidote to the effects of stress and hurry. The soothing, subtle scent is popular with both men and women, and has a relaxing, grounding effect on the mind and emotions.

Dawn To Dusk Botanicals
Bloody Kisses Artisan Perfume Oil

(3/4oz / $20.00)
'Bloody Kisses' Artisan Perfume Oil...This is an insane blend with notes of Cardamom, Pink Lotus, Turkish Rose, Black Tea & Oud. Combined with organic sweet almond oil, fractionated coconut oil, which is great for your skin.

Evan's Garden
Hand & Body Lotion in Rose

(4oz Bottle / $22.00)
Beautiful natural ingredients selected for their own signature nutrients and benefits (parsley seed, red raspberry seed, macadamia nut and plum kernel oils, to name a few) combine in a highly nourishing lotion to soothe and soften your skin. Spreads nicely, absorbs thoroughly, smells great and does the skin wonders. Hand & Body Lotion is available in several all-natural scents.

Earth Alkemie
Alata Samina African black soap

( Full Size Bar/$5.50)
This is an African black soap from Ghana. It is made with organic shea butter and sustainable palm. It forms a very rich lather, and it is non-drying: perfect for dry and dehydrated skin, but also great for oily, combination, normal, and blemished skin too. Earth Alkemie's Alata Samina is suitable for all hair types, especially dry. Alata Samina is one of Earth Alkemie's best selling products!


*1st Prize 3 Skincare Products from Rosa y Fruta! The winner will receive the following items valued at $196.00!

Camelia Blanca
(100ml Bottle/ $49.00)
White Camellia is a precious antioxidant oil, that is nourishing, soothing, and beautifying. In Asia it is known as the beautification oil, and a secret of Geishas for flawless skin. We add a special olive ester to our camellia to make it water rinsible- making it an excellent facial cleansing oil and make-up remover

Lustre Exótica
(50ml Bottle/ $59.00)
A highly advanced, all natural luxury cream. Using exotic ingredients from around the world such as Mediterranean Olive anti-aging-actives, Asian White Camellia and Green Tea, and African Nilotica Shea Butter. Combined with potent stable Vitamin C, Squalene, and Panthenol, Lustre Exotica lavishes your skin in hydration and antioxidants!

Ambrosia de Rosa
(30ml Jar / 58.00)
Rare rose bourbonia- the scent of love! Ambrosia de Rosa Mask Ambrosia de Rosa when used 1-3 times a week helps cell turn over, brightens skin, making it more youthful looking. Drench your skin and senses with the beautifying gifts of rose.


2nd Prize 4 MelanSol Sun Care Products from Oceana Naturals! The winner will receive the following items valued at $88.00!

MelanSol 100% Natural Moisturizer
(3.4fl oz / $19.75)
Our Certified 100% Natural Moisturizer for face and body hydrates, conditions, nourishes, and rejuvenates your skin with one coat. Additionally, its innovative combination of three natural antioxidants help skin control the development of damaging free radicals that cause skin aging such as wrinkles and prematurely aged skin.

MelanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen SPF 20
(3.4fl oz / $23.75)
Don't let the SPF number fool you. This SPF-20 formula packs a powerful punch against UVA and UVB rays! It's contains 12% non-nano zinc oxide and our bedrock combination of 3 synergistic natural antioxidants that stand ready to prevent free radical damage (the root cause of sunburn and skin aging damage), regardless of your activity.

MelanSol 100% Natural Sunscreen SPF 30
(3.4fl oz / $24.75)
Our SPF 30 sunscreen is the most potent and protective sun protection we make and is NOT DESIGNED FOR CASUAL EVERYDAY USE

MelanSol 100% Natural Sunburn Relief Gel
(3.4fl oz / $19.75)
MelanSol® 100% Natural Sunburn Relief Gel redefines sunburn relief because it approaches the elimination of your burning and discomfort by attacking its root cause-- free radicals


3rd Prize 4 Aromatherapy Products from Dropwise Essentials! The winner will receive the following items valued at $65.00!

'Revitalize' Deluxe Spa Gift Set
(Includes 4 Full-Sized Products + Bath Pad / $65)
'Revitalize' Deluxe Spa Gift Set... Our Deluxe Spa Gift Set features 4 oz. bottles of our Gentle Cleansing Body Wash, Aromatherapy Hand & Body Lotion, and Certified Organic Body Oil, and a 2.75 oz. Aromatherapy Mister Spray all in the same Dropwise aromatherapy blend. Comes in an all-natural sinamay pouch with a cotton sisal bath pad.


4th Prize 3 Skin & Hair Products from Shear Miracle Organics! The winner will receive the following items valued at $59.97!

Smooth Skin Organic Shower Gele
(8oz Bottle / $19.99)
This break through formula goes beyond cleansing to help visibly even skin tone and texture to renew and reveal radiant-looking skin. Gentle yet effective, never gritty feeling or rough.

Beautiful Body Organic Body Butter in 'Almond'
(8oz Bottle / $19.99)
Perfect for the entire body, this product goes on smooth and will help heal dry skin patches almost immediately. Experience all-day-long moisture protection!

Save Your Color Conditioner Leave in Conditioner
(2oz Jar / $19.99)
Protect & detangle. This daily color protective leave-in conditioner can be used as a cutting lotion. The soft styling control makes it a great next day style revitalizer. Use before swimming as a chlorine block. Light enough for younger children or those with fine hair. Perfect way to add all day conditioning.


5th Prize 5 Beauty Products from Aura Sensory! The winner will receive the following items valued at $30.00!

Natural Warm Citrus Body Soap
(Full Size Bar / $6.50)
Wake up and rejuvenate your senses with this all natural soap. With a touch of warm and calming ginger and the light energizing scent of real citrus fruit oils, this soap transports you to sunny destinations while drenching you in moisturizing agents. Many customers say this is also an excellent facial soap for dry or combination skin.

Natural Unscented Soap
(Full Size Bar / $5.00)
Enjoy all of the sensational skin softening and cleansing benefits, but without the scent.

Citrus Lip Balm
(.15 Tube / $4.00)
Our extremely emollient, softening lip balm is lightly scented with an all natural citrus flavor blend (no artificial flavor), and gives your lips just the right hint of sheen.

Aluminum Free Deodorant
(1oz Stick/ $7.00)
Our formula is an all natural deodorant which is very effective against odor as it contains powerful antibacterial and antimicrobial agents that are all natural.

Natural Shine Enhancing Shampoo (SLS Free)
(8oz Bottle / $7.50)
This is a sulfate and sodium free shampoo that is free of harsh detergents and other chemicals that strip, damage and dry the hair, scalp and hair follicles, making it appear dull, limp, frizzy and devoid of bounce, shine, body and that swing and "movement" that vibrant, healthy hair tends to have.



6th - 7th - 8th Prizes A Beauty Product from Artisan Naturals! Each winner will receive the following item valued at $27.00!

Ultra-C Antioxidant Treatment Serum
(Full Size Bottle / $27.00)
The stable form of vitamin C used makes this highly active serum penetrate into deep layers on the epidermis where it inhibits melanin (freckles, age spots, hyper-pigmentation) production. Our unique anti-oxidant complex with superoxide dismutase acts as a protective substance for neutralizing free radicals This light, fluid moisturizer is perfect to use alone, or in combination with another moisturizer. The scents of pure Rose, Blood Orange, and Linden Blossom add to the elegance of this superior skin rejuvenator.



BONUS Prize! T-Shirt
(Sizes S-XL / $12.95)
Tell the world about your passion for All-Natural Beauty Care, with this 100% cotton t-shirt in Powder Blue.


How to Win - If you have a Facebook account all you need to do is visit our All Natural Beauty Page ("like us" if you haven't already) and leave your comment on our wall about why you enjoy the All Natural Beauty website and/or the ANB Mall. OR Let us know about a product that you bought from one of our vendors and why you like it. OR Tell us about an article from our website that you've enjoyed and why.


As a Second Opportunity to Win you can ask a question of one of our Beauty Experts. If you have a question about Herbs/Aromatherapy, Natural Skin Care, Soap/Candles, Natural Hair Care, Cosmetic Ingredients,  Mineral Makeup, Eco Living or DIY Beauty Formulating, send your question to OR Leave a Comment on our 'What You're Saying Page' at


As a Third Opportunity to Win you can let us know about an Artisan Naturals product that you've tried and enjoyed OR visit Artisan Naturals Website and choose a product that you'd like to try. Leave your comment about the Artisan Naturals product on our Facebook Wall. This will give you an entry for the Ultra-C Antioxidant Treatment Serum!


Bonus Opportunity: ENTER TO WIN THE ANB T-SHIRT! Go to our Facebook Wall and tell us about a product that you've previously purchased from any of the vendors listed above that you've enjoyed and why. This is the only way to be entered to win this prize.

*Because the 1st Prize has a higher retail value than the Grand Prize, the first entrant chosen will have the option of choosing either the Grand Prize or the 1st Prize.


Don't have a Facebook account? You can still sign up by adding your comment to our 'What You're Saying' page. Let us know your thoughts about the All Natural Beauty Website here: AND/OR Ask a question from one of our 6 Beauty Experts here


Meet the All Natural Beauty Experts in Herbalism, Aromatherapy, Natural Skin Care, Soap and Soap Making, Candles and Candle Making, and Cosmetic Ingredients



Our Thanks To...

 All of the Participating Vendors!

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  Official Contest Rules:

Entrants must reside in the US. Each entrant may enter the contest according to one of the several ways listed above and can receive up to 3 chances by choosing 3 of the options above. The drawing will end on June 30 2012 at midnight Eastern Standard Time. The winner will be notified either by email or through their Facebook account and will be given up to 3 days to respond. If the winner does not respond by the end of the third day, another name will be drawn. The winner must give us their name (initials are allowed), city, and state and this information will be listed on our websites and Facebook page. Any comments added to our Facebook Page by entrants in this giveaway may be used in future advertising for the All Natural Beauty Website and Mall by us at our discretion (we will not use your name without your prior written permission). Each entrant is allowed to win up to 3 times per calendar year. By entering our giveaway you are agreeing to these terms.




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